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Planning to be around 141 tomorrow running my GSP on small game. Wouldn't mind a little company as all my buddies are working tomorrow. Been awhile since I've gotten turned around at a new tract but, I just plan to follow the dog tomorrow and "getting turned around" may happen. Some local company that knows the land would be good since I've only hunted this spot 3x so far. 2-3 times I walked right up on black bears. Small game and turkey seasons last year.
Anyway, I know I'll end up putting some game up. Want in?
I'll check this post up until I get out of the car to hunt tomorrow, I should arrive in that area around 10-10:30, I plan to hunt until dusk (I hope), the dog (&I) hunted hard Saturday and are both kids sore. We will just slowly pick our way along slowly and see what jumps.
If noone chimes in, I'll stop back and hopefully with some results.
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