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Just another idea that I am using for a bipod. Im sure that you have seen them In people's garbage as I have. If you see the fiberglass tent poles for supporting the nylon tents take the poles that have the bunji cords inside. They are usually 6-7ft long in sections held together with bunjis. Assemble the pole, take the tallest section off stretching the bunji and hold the stretched bunji in your hand . Then cut it and tie knots in it to increase the pressure on the bunji cord. You need to stretch the bunji cause they don't need much pressure to keep the tent poles together. Take the bunji out of one of the poles that are left and loop the bunji around the outside of the poles. Put pressure and loop 2-3 times around the poles, spread the poles and wrap the stretched bunji around itself to increase the tension. Tie it off. There you go. The bunji should be tied about head height. Two for a bi pod, three poles for a tripod. The sections come apart so you can vary the height that way.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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