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Mini Phantom Predator Quest call?

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I was wondering if this call is any good I see it comes with a wired speaker it says also. So I'm guessing you can use it as a handheld or a wired unit. I was wondering if it's any good I see it's only $50 with shipping.
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Don't rule out handcalls. Many seem to ignore there presence and become full time button pushers. An electronic call is a nice addistion to your arsenal but, hand calls are cheap and are very versitle in the field. In fact, due to how calling has become and everyone has a remote in their hands I will often only hand call in heavy pressured areas to help me not sound like evryone else which is a solid tactic that I use each year to fool some of those wary ones. I will tell you that wired speaker calls are difficult in the cold because the wire gets stiff. Well at least mine did on my Phantom Extreme that I had many moons ago. It also hurt my noise discipline and set up time. Bottom line is only cry once and wait till you can get something of quality that will last otherwise you will possibly be buying them over and over again wasting money when not satisfied. I sold all my older units or I would hook you up with a great deal. Good luck. Becareful with wired speaker units they were a real pain for me.

Kirk McKendree
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