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Merry Christmas to Me

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I have spoiled myself with my Christmas gifts to myself. I have had a few litters this fall and have selected a few female pups to play with over the spring and evaluate for my breeding program. I have a few male pups around also, but here are the girls. They are from three different litters.

The oldest one is from a litter that is about 14 weeks old. I kept a female from the litter and a male went to one of my assistant trainers to develop and evaluate. Their sire, who I own, will be featured on the cover of the Pointing Dog Journal in next months issue I have been told. She has been pointing birds since 10 weeks of age. I think she is a keeper, but we will see.

Enjoying time at our camp this weekend.

Pointing quail at 10 weeks of age.

Here are the other girls from two different litters on Christmas morning looking out over the whelping box. They were nine weeks old on Christmas day and will be moved to the kennels in a week when they get their second puppy shot.

I need to quit spoiling myself with so many gifts, but I've been such a good boy, I find it hard to do.
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Santa brought me one, so I have not been a totally bad boy. However, the partners daughter has claimed the setter so no opportunity for a kodak moment around my place. I am sure you will get a chance to see these pups develop and he will be part of the process. They won't all likely make the final cut, but they should still be exceptional dogs. We will go through the process and keep the best based on what we are looking for. The others will find a place in a nice hunting home. At this point, who stays and who goes has yet to be determined. Pictures to come in the future.
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