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Has anyone had severe corrosion/electrolysis problems with outboard motors?
For the second time my boat is at the dealers having both tilt and trim pumps replaced due to leaking caused by extreme corrosion.
The motors are Mercury Verado’s 200 HP 4strokes I purchased new and this is their 3rd season.
The engines look like new, not even a chip in the paint, and have been dealer maintained since they were hung on the boat. When they change the anodes each spring they told me they look like they have been on many seasons.
When I purchased the engines they came with a 5 year warranty but the dealer called today and told me Merc only will warranty corrosion for the first 3 years so this is what they are suggesting.
They suggest putting a Mercathode System on the boat since I have stainless steel props, the metal of the motor, the aluminum of the T&T pumps and my motors are on a bracket and the boats in salt water.
I understand about the mercathode since I have a Sea Ray with a I/O that has one but I never heard of putting one on outboard motors.
Cost for the dealer to install& material is around $1200.00. I would rather not risk future damage but not sure the dealer is on the right track either.

No other boat at the club I keep it is having similar issues, nobody is running AC or a generator and nobody is hooked up to a battery charger.

Any advise? Other than to buy Yamaha’s
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