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memories of gun used by family anyone?

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was reading another thread and saw one fellow used the same model 99 savage that his grandad and father used to take a deer. made me think of my grandpaps jc higgins mauser in 30-06. known by all as the "oh6". my dad,grandpap,and uncle all shot a buck with this same rifle on opening day and half of second day in the 1960's.all 1 shot kills. to make story better, my brother and i have also taken buck with this rifle.also one shot kills.thats 5 buck,same rifle,5 grandpap passed in 2008.he was a marine in the pacific theater in his funeral the county honor guard did a 21 gun salute and flag folding ceremony for his service to our country. im not ashamed to say i cried like a baby during it. very patriotic. as the m1 garands were cycling blanks through thier rifles during the 21 gun salute,i had a dad brother and i have 30-06 rifles,the same as the m1 garand. we took the spent m1 brass from the funeral and reloaded them with our favorite deer load.we have a piece of grandpap with us every deer season.none of us has had an opertunity to take a buck with our"special" shell yet. but cant wait. lets hear your story....
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my grandfather has an old 32 winchester still has the saddle ring hook on it. my grandfather, father and i have all killed bucks w/it
i own my grandads win model 12. i got it in 76 when he died and used it for mny years. i just started using it again for fall turkey a few years ago. he bought it in the 30's or 40's and got a lot of game with it. i also own my dads rem 141 35 that he used for decades. i have gotten deer with it and occasionally take it out for a walk. both guns bring back a lot of memories and will never leave my collection.
My father passed away last August. He left me a Rem. 721 ought6. He tried for years to kill a bear and never did get one. I took that old rifle out the first day of bear last year and by 8am I killed a bear with it. I sure wish he could have been there but I'm pretty sure he was watchin over me.
British .303
i neva got to even see any of my dads guns ...when he died i was my mom sold all of them all..but the old ladies pap handed me his savage model 219 in 22hornet it was his dads...her pap only used it once shot at a turkey an missed an that was a long time i am determined to get a turkey with it just for him..he passed away two years
I have my Dad's '06 that he bought in the 30's. He carried it for over 50 yrs. When he got into his later 70's I bought him a 788 in .243 so he had a rifle with a clip so it was easier for him to load and unload. He shot his last deer with the 243 when he was in his 80's and my Granddaughter shot her first deer with the same rifle.

I have yet to try and shoot a deer with his old '06, seems like the scope gets a little blurry every time I pull that rifle up and think of all the great times we had together hunting.

I have a 760 in 30-06 that my Dad and I split the cost on for my 16th birthday in 1962. (paid $126 total cost and the hardware store owner threw in a box of shells). I shot a lot of deer with that rifle and All 4 of my kids shot at least 1 deer with that rifle.

I still have my first deer rifle, model 1899 .303 savage, my dad bought it off a guy for $20 in 1957 and I shot my first buck with it in 1958.
I still remember the fall afternoon when Pappy decided it was his last small game hunt. Instead of jumping out of dad's old chevy pickup, he asked us to come in.

The next 1/2 hour was my introduction to the care and feeding of his 20ga. Marlin over/under that he bought new in 1928. I walked back out to the truck carrying the cased shotgun and 2 boxes part full of two different loads.

This has been my shotgun for over 40 years and I'm looking forward to a grandson...

I had daughters so my dad's Browning goes to my Nephew; so I have to settle for the rest of dad's guns.

Since his passing I've taken 3 deer w/ his rifle and I'm still seeking my first kill w/ his flintlock. I'll be working on that again in a few days.

Dad's collection includes my first shotgun and deer rifle so I have a bunch of meaningful memories.
I shot my first buck with a Mossberg 500 slug gun that my brother killed his first buck with. He was 17 (two years older than me) when he shot his first buck. He passed away from cancer the following year. Although I don't use it anymore, I have it in my gun case.
Best wtch out for those reloaded blanks as this is not a recommended practice. The reduced charges can mess up the brass. We give the empties from each funeral to the funeral director to give to family.
I still take my first shotgun out of the safe from time to time. It is a Springfield 12 ga. s x s. My first rifle is an 03-A3 that has been sporterized and has a hand-carved birdseye maple stock. Rifle weighs about 10 lbs so not used much except by a nephew who is built like a Steelers lineman.
A Stevens 20 ga side by side my wife's grandad gave me 22 years ago when he knew he was dying of cancer. Everyt ime I down a pheasant or grouse I look up toward Heaven and say "How 'bout that Granddad! Thank you!" He used to tell me he killed a big buck with a slug from that shotgun in 1942 near Dayton PA. Miss him but cherish the gun and the memories.
i have one grandfathers 12 ga lefever i have shot a spring turkey with, a snowshoe hair and other small game. i also have the 30-40 krag from my other grandfather. i have shot a deer with and a few woodchucks. both guns will go to my kids some day.
I have a High Standard 22 pistol. That my uncle bought new. Then he sold it to my father. He just gave the pistol to me. I take it squirrell hunting with the uncle who first owned it.
That is really touching that you had presence of mind to retrieve the brass and reload for that gun . Sorry for your loss . Best of luck with the special rounds .
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