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Made the trip to camp for the weekend. It was unusually HOT even at night Went out before it got to warm Saturday morning to do a little fishing. With the streams being crystal clear and low I figured I would try some bigger water and headed to the S Branch of Tionesta. There were campers at almost every open spot, could not believe how many people were down there.;1465097286329
Did find fish at almost every little pool,;1465097336905
I always did like how scenic it is along this stream, as with most streams around camp;1465097336906;1465097336907
Got a lot of things accomplished after the fishin , including installing a new back storm door .
Went out for Ice Cream Saturday night by the Drive In outside Kane. Sure do miss Gingers Wagon Wheel. Good news though the Russell City store is OPEN
Saturday night this guy payed us a visit
He has a tag in both ears so he has been caught twice already.
We fished Pigs Ear Sunday morning and didn't that well. The Forestry Service was sitting at the ATV entrance there and checking everybody .
As always a good weekend . Cant wait to get back up there next weekend
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