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They had the in lines and i had my 30-06.
It was 78* and that just took the fun out of it!The under brush is still thick with leaves and they are falling from the trees like snow flakes?
If you have not been to 4-D in Cambria county you have no idea of the large amount of game lands there!
Almost all of the access roads are opened up. You can drive up into the ridges for miles and miles? The state plants feed plots that are long and huge on top of the mountains. There are acres and acres of turnips and oats ! This season the acorns coat the forest floor like ball bearings !
Thursday we went out and it is just funny to me how the 2 sons make fun of each others hunting ability? After it got light the temp went up like a furnace was turned on? They had to just wear t-shirts and orange vest. They walk and hunt. They seen a few deer but no chances of a shot as to they jumped and ran down the ridge.One stood up and stood still but it had a rack on it. It just walked away!
Friday morning was a left over storm from Thursday night.This storm flooded parts of Pa. East of us.It was still raining ,as it got light plus very high winds. The leaves were blowing like drifting snow so they went back to bed?
It calmed down by 2 pm and they went out and saw 3 deer. All 3 were bucks,as luck would have it!
Saturday mourning it was still raining and breeze,they went out and i went home.
My Grandson and his father made it for Friday and Saturday but i don't know if they seen or got anything?
I will tell you folks this,if you want to see true Pa. wilderness try going there!
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