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May9th Who's Going?

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Im going to try and fill my second tag with the crossbow, I'll be out on Friday one's been messing with the birds and during the week it's pretty awsome..Goodluck everyone!
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Will be out before work till 7:30. Have had 7 jakes in bow range but no longbeards yet.
I will be out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Haven't heard any gobbling since Monday but I am bound and determined to have another opportunity this season.
I have to work Tomorrow but I plan to get out on Tuesday. I just got permission to hunt a new property that's really thick so I'm not sure how it's going to go. I have seen birds around it so hopefully I might be able to bring something in.
I should be good to go everyday this week.going to hunt monday and tuesday in plum,then up to tionesta till sunday
I plan on hitting a local SGL (which I never do) after the kids get on the bus. I'm not expecting to hear or see anything, but will enjoy a walk in, finally, some decent weather.
I start midnight shifts tonight and will be getting off work at 5am all week. I am getting dressed at work and heading straight to my spot in the morning. The rest of the week will be determined by the amount of sleep I get and my energy level. Midnights are rough.
Still, we have been seeing multiples of birds every day so far.
Yes...Monday for hopefully the second gobbler....and I will try to leave the Jake magnet at home....Called in 7 now....
I will be out. Nice to hunt a day without fog or rain or both. Going to my favorite spot. It's the only piece of private land I hunt. Tomorrow will be the first time I have been there this year. Looks good as I saw a bird in the field there this afternoon.
I'll be out and about. Good luck to all.
I'm not but it should be a good one! If I wasn't working on the 2nd tag I'd be out for sure. Casual from here on out. Hunting around my work schedule instead of the usual work around hunting haha
Tues & Thurs I'll be out.
I was going to...I work 2nd shift...I rode the fields and couldn't find anything... I don't know whats going on this year...

So...I'm taking the day

Sad when a day off is actually a work day...

I can't push myself yet...when the all day stuff starts I run myself into the ground...
The battery got recharged today. I'm good to go all week.
Off work and upstate for a few days. Going in blind, per se, so I'm heading to a proven spot to do some armed scouting. I got a burr under my saddle earlier in the week, so I'll have the bow in hand tomorrow. I'll hang out over some decoys in the field atop the hill and see what I hear, and maybe get lucky.
I'll be out. I glassed 3 birds going to roost tonight. Not sure what they were, but I'll be set-up in a great spot so we'll see what happens.
I'm setup at my spot,2 decoys out and in my blind.No gobbling yet..
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