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May 7th, Day 7

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Good luck to all..
Hoping to get my wife on one this morning.
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Just got set up over looking a freshly planted field. I havent been to this farm in 2a this year but it usually holds birds. Hopeful to fill tag #1 today. Good luck out there.
Good Luck everyone. I'm Skipping today, will be back at it Monday.
I'm sure glad I have days off spread throughout the season...

I don't know what's going on with the birds...

Setup near "Luckys" roost...there was a bird a couple hundred yards down the backside of the hill hammering 6 lucky never peeped so I set after the other bird...which never gobbled again..(never got close enough for him to see me).

Another bird gobbled a couple times across the gasline and he hasn't peeped since...

Guessing they are with hens and I'm gunna try to wait them out...I'm starving, tired and have a stomach bug...sitting them out is gunna be a challenge...

Beautiful morning...

Hopefully something fires up soon!

Good luck all!
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Not a peep this morning. Have to get to work. Monday is looking good hopefully.
Bird across the gasline is gobbling a bit...not sure if he's working my way or not...gunna listen a little longer and see..

More commotion this morning than usual and I'm used to suburban noise...dogs barking...loud vehicles ripping down the road..jets overhead...tough to hear a bird a long ways off
Roosted birds last night, was right on them....but had too much company. 3 guys before 7. Boy thats fun
Mauser it sounds like we are hunting the same area. Dogs barking and jets overhead and birds gobbling when they want to. Lol

Good luck
Goodluck guys....I passed on today gotta take the daughter to appt later,but have 2 days off Monday and Fri and one tag filled ,be safe out there..Rusty
Haven't heard a gobble yet where I am in 4c and I know there are turkeys in the area.
Jk, we could have been! Lol.

My guts are killing me...but I'm gunna go sit where the birds strutted for hours a couple evenings ago for the rest of the day...or as long as I can last...

Buddy left his area and told me 2 longbeards were strutting around my truck at 8 with a hen...I thought I heard a gobble down there but thought I was crazy because they don't usually roost down there....maybe the rain put them in the pines down there last evening... Though it never rained real hard....

I can't find a strutter anywhere...very odd so far...hope things get better...
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Had 3 birds gobbling for awhile. Hens took em away. Shocked no other guys out. Taking the bow out this week.
Great Morning for us..
Took my wife out. We were between 2 long beards roosted.
Gobbled like crazy, cutting each other off.
They proceeded to meet 60 yds from us on the ridge and flog the daylights out of each other..

We then pulled the big boy to 35 yds and he stopped behind a tree. My wife couldn't get a shot..
I could have flattened him from my angle..
Then he picked her out and left..

Great morning and experience though and best thing is sharing it all with my best hunting partner..
Busted two off the roost didn't hear a thing today
Finally back at it following a week of rain. And guess rained ha-ha. Didn't hear anything off the roost and had a hen in the dekes yappin away but nothing came from in. Let the grind for bird #2 begin......

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4 hens finally just appeared. Was hoping for a tom to be trailing them. Nothing so far.
Dead silent again today. Back at it again on Monday.
Out with a friend on private ground bordering Michaux. Pretty good morning thus far, Birds have been gobbling on nearby ridges almost all morning. Had a subordinate gobbler cross the ridge about 70 yards above us while his two buddies with a few hens were gobbling their heads off a little further up where we couldn't see them. He didn't get close enough for a shot, but it was worth it to see how badly my buddy was shaking... had him pretty fired up. Some trespassers bumped the bird though, then walked into our setup. After getting them straightened out with where the state ground was, we just relocated a few hundred yards in the direction the gobblers were heading, in hopes he might come back through after their hens leave. Still a bird gobbling steadily nearby on some other private ground, but he'd have to cross a road and a creek to get to us, so I won't hold my breath.
Wish I had bought my second tag. I tried getting 2 of my buddy's to go and I'd call for them, but they didn't want to get wet. Fair weather hunters I swear. Lol
Doubled up this morning. Wife and buddy each shot one right off the bat. I just sat and enjoyed the show. Been a good opening week. Put 5 down between me, buddies and wife. Also had 4 jakes at point blank range gobble for 20 minutes yesterday.
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