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May 27th, Day 24

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Hunting a farm in 2b. Heard a turkey to my keft so I gave him a call and a turkey gobbled right behind me. No sign of him yet but very exciting start.
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Good luck ! Been sitting here in 2g since before daylight and haven't heard a peep ! Hunting the same bird I heard Wednesday morning gobbling !
I did hear a shot on the ridge across from where I am set up about a 1/2 hour ago ! Hope it wasn't my boy !!
Had one hang up and gobble just out of sight for awhile this AM. Walked off making a racquet.
Man this season just keeps getting tougher and tougher for me. Here is the post hunt interview I took.

If you cant watch it. I set up on the bird I was on yesterday hoping he would do the same thing. He was roosted off the the side of the ridge and not on the logging road. I had a guy come walking down the logging road. I was set up about 2' off the road in some bushes and stopped him.

"Hey bud they are roosted right there"

"I know where they are roosted," he snidly remarks and continues to walk towards the birds.

"Really man??" I ask.

He says a few choice words and turns around.

He gobbled a few times so I did a couple tree yelps. He responded so I just shut up totally. It sounded like he flew down and was working away from me. After yesterdays hunt I knew I needed a game plan.

I moved over to the ridge and sat down at the base of a tree an listened. After 2 minutes I wanted to keep tabs on him so I tree yelped to see if I could get a response.

I did....30-40 yards away on the limb still

CRAP, I knew that he was going to sit on that limb until he say the hen he just heard. I waited, and waited, and waited. Pulled out the phone and it was 6:30. 10 minutes before I have to leave to make it to work on time.

I tried to fire him up with some excited yelping and cutting. He gobbled but would not fly down. At 6:37 I decided to gobble on my mouth call. I had my gun in that direction and not 30 seconds he flew down. I had him in the scope mid air but Im not that hard up to shoot one like that. He hit the ground and I had his head in the scope for a few seconds but couldn't ID a beard and such. When his feet touched the ground a hen started calling and took him right away.

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I don't post alloy but I've hunted 2 - 3 days before work every week along with Saturdays. Only heard 3 birds all season before today and none of hem responded. Took a vacation day day to give it a last try. Nothing gobbled at daybreak, but about 6:15 Had one gobble, called again and he cut me off. He was coming from the other side of the tree I was on so I moved to the other side and waited, after about 20 minutes I heard a cluck back on the original side I was watching looked around tree and there he was looking at my decoy. Slowly got to my knees and looked around tree again and he started to walk away but thankfully didn't get far. 9" beard, 1" spurs and he even had a buddy with him.
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Nice morning. Clear, breezy, comfortable. Silent.

Still, I've heard them gobble on the roost only twice, and this is the 17th day I've hunted, plus two in Somerset County. I've heard gobbling twice after flydown, and shot one of those birds at 9:05. It's so much easier when they gobble.

I'm setting up on a new spot. They roost here sometimes. Hoping it turns out to be Saturday, Monday or Tuesday.

Well, tried a new spot today. When approaching the cut thru the field I was interested in, lo and behold I startled a lone tom...dang. Went back up opposite way to come back around via the woods...waited around about 3 hours, no response. Decided to take a quick walk down another firebreak...wouldn't you know it, just about stumble on him again behind a brush pile. he took a few steps and flew up. I couldn't justify what would have been a wild shot. First one I've encountered all season...this is like day 10 for me. I think I'll come back tonight or better, tomorrow am.
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