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May 24th, Day 21

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Who's back at it? What'd ya see?
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Heard...1 gobble response to my yelps off a ways at daybreak.

I sat patiently from about 500 until 700...Walked about a 3 mile loop total...calling here and there..nothing.

I see hens in this area frequently, but not a tom to be found.
My Dad scored in Bedford County as well as my friend in Pike this morning.
I didn't hear a gobble for the first time this year. Everything in the woods was alerted to my presence. Most every morning I bump deer out of the field I walk thru. This morning I did too but today they snort all the way up the ridge past where they roost. Walked into where I wanted to under 2 hens that alarm putted and cackled for 15 minutes they would just stay in the branches above me and didn't shut up til I was out of sight. Never saw anything like it. No wonder I didn't hear a gobble.
Set the alarm to get up at 4. Didn't get up til 6:30. Went out on the porch and heard one over on some private property. Headed over and called and he responded. Called him off that property from a long ways off. Came in to about 55-60 yards and walked parallel to me. I purred and tried to get him to turn but he just kept staying parallel. Biffed the shot. Clean miss. As I was working that bird 2 others were hammering away in the distance. I think the rest of the week is gonna be a good one. Get at em boys.
Tagged out at 8 am this morning. 3 longbeards came in and only 2 left. Its been slow for a while here in 1A. I was on the same farm yesterday and didn't hear a gobble. I knew the birds were there and decided to give it another try.

Keep at it guys and Good luck
Took one heck of a walk this AM. Covered about 5.5 miles of the Pocono Plateau. Rang up 2 gobblers early on but things were prety quiet after that. Very nice AM. The high-light of the morning, and it was a big highlight for me, was coming across my first ever identified grove of American Chestnut trees. There were all small of course but a few were almost 4" in diameter and 12-14' tall. To lay my hand on one has been an outdoor bucket list item of mine for years.

The AC to the left is alive and healthy as can be but the one to the right succumd to the blight some time ago.

There was a lot of blight to be seen in the rest of the trees too but also lots of little healthy sprouts and youth trees fighting the good fight. The trees resilience is an amazing story. Not matter how effecient that horrible infection is the tree just keep pushing up new life. Very cool find for me and it made my season. I hung out amongst them for a good 30 minutes hoping to pop a gobbler there.

On the hike out a hen nearly scared me to death when she exploded from under my foot. She held as tight as she could.

All in all a great morning in the big woods. I'll be sad to see this end next week.
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I was out this AM until 7 and man was it a pretty morning and the birds read the script. Thought for sure I'd punch tag #2 for my first time... I had three different jakes come right to the gun, and had a hen about step on top of me. No longbeard showed this am and I had to slip out. Great morning to be out.
I was in the woods at 5:10, sitting where I stayed until noon yesterday (but at a different tree). In the past I've discovered that sometimes a gobbler will show up after I leave, so I figured I might meet him there this morning.

At 5:45 everything was still quiet except for the songbirds. The fields were fairly light, but the woods were still fairly dark, so I decided to give a little tree yelp on my scratchbox call. Nothing responded, so I'm sitting there for a couple of minutes when suddenly a gobbler is 20 feet from me to my right, standing beside the tree I was calling from yesterday and behind a small bush only big enough to hide him. He must have seen my head slowly turn because he putted, turned, and flew down an old trail.

He never gobbled, and I don't know where he came from. I just know he was standing 22 feet away at my extreme right. I stayed there for an hour and 15 minutes calling very softly occasionally. Then I moved about 200 yards to the spot where I killed a bird two weeks ago. Three hours later I spotted him coming, but he was about 60-70 yards away and heading for a field. I couldn't get him to change his mind, so an hour later I left, being careful to take the long way so I'd reduce the chances of running into him. He'll be there tomorrow. If only he would gobble. Even once! It's so much easier if they gobble!

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Took the back way for work and saw a longbeard strutting on a powerline. I'll be there in the morning.
Went to a roosting spot where I had seen a big long beard. Set up in a spot where I could shoot about 30 yards with my bow. I yelped and a gobbler answered not a hundred yards away. He was with a hen and she went crazy yelping and cutting right through my opening. The gobbler strutted and gobbled just out of bow range and never got a shot.
Nice post Trout !
Trout, your posts are always a highlight for me!
My son was riding his dirt bike this evening and saw 4 gobblers together in a yard that borders some nice woods. He said one was strutting. Wish I could take him in the morning. Later this week we are going to give it a try there.
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