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May 18 is National Metal Detecting day so as we have done in past year, my group heads to Atlantic City for Minelab's big event. It consists of a seeded hunt, which is actually more fun that it sounds. For those that don't know, seeded means they go out and intentionally put coins in the detecting grounds, some of which are stamped for other prizes. It is mainly a fund raiser for smaller clubs, so that is why we go.
Our group managed a few non-placed artifacts which is always a testament to one's detecting skills. My uncle Jeff and I each found what appear to be Pine Tree shillings, which could possibly be shipwreck coins. They were NOT seeded coins, as we checked with the event coordinators.

My most proud moment was pulling the naturally dropped sterling bracelet from about 12 inches deep a solid 30 minutes into the second hunt. Over 275 other hunters were there and had swung over that target without ID'ing it......until I came along

First morning, the hunters are slowly showing up for registration

All those little ants are detectorists!! There were just as many on my side and on the other two sides, what a turn out

The second hunt's yield, including the bracelet

Day 1 yield

Day 2 treasures

Won a $60 Minelab backpack filled with goodies

Of course being in the land of gambling, I had to hit the slots for a little. My one friend came home with $1750 of the casino's money. I wasn't as lucky, but as you see, I'm not complaining either after seeing these two screens

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