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May 14th, Day 13

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Up and getting ready to head out soon. Tough getting up after staying up to watch that pens loss. But, it looks like a small window this morning before the rain hits in NW PA. Hoping to fill tag #2. Good luck and be safe to those heading out.
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Visiting friends in Dubois this weekend. Buddy and I are heading out to try and get him his first gobbler. Good luck everyone and be safe!
I'm trying out some public land I've never stepped foot on before. After we harvested 2 and shot at another 3 birds, my father and uncles, on our property I've decided to give that a rest and hit somewhere else.
Pop put one to bed last night so I'm hoping to get a pic of him with a bird a little later! As for me, I'm working. Good luck, looks to be a good morning!!
At a hit or miss spot...don't think I hunted it at all last year...

Hunted it maybe 5 times ...had a couple silent hunts...had a hunt i worked a bird...and went back a week or 2 later and carried him out..and killed another here in the passed...

0537hrs...first sound off right where they usually roost....

Got the flintlock...hope the rain holds off long enough for the hunt!!

He's gobbling hard...time to go!

Good luck all!

He made a liar outta me! Lol. They are so far off I don't even know which hill they are on...pretty sure they are on the far side and it'd be an hour before I can get over there..

Probably gunna give it a bit and see what happens and make a run for the farmland...this spot is risky like day they are roosted here and the next they aren't...

My options were limited.. It was worth checking on...
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I ended up sleeping in but decided to make a dash to a preset blind before the rain hits. This farm holds birds but they atent vocal at all. Lets see what happens.

Good luck
In a blind with the wife and her bow. 2 gobbling on roost..just kinda waiting
Some would say it takes a fool to carry a flintlock in the rain...........
Gobbler literally standing 150 yards from us in a field in the rain. Doesnt like our dekes or calling. Been watching him since 630
Can't let my teaser go too

Tagged out!!! Flintlock in the RAIN!!

I'm bummed the rain ruined my photoshoot.
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Had 3 gobbling for 2 1/2 hrs. They just decided to head the other way. My buddy just got out our 2 man blind and went after them.
It was one of those special mornings. Was lucky enough to have one strut all the way too me at 6:32 this am. I'll post a story up later. Good luck to everyone, late is great.
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Nice job guys!
Great job guys! Congrats mauser with that beautiful flintlock. Had a longbeard come into 60 yds from behind us. Was hoping he would continue to circle to my buddy but he didn't. Now we are sitting in a travel zone waiting on one to show up.
Nice going with that flinter Mauser! Congrats! As for me, I'm putting in another 12 hour shift at Fort Martin today and tomorrow. UGH
Light drizzle here this morning in the SW but managed to put an arrow through my target bird this morning at 6:15. He came in silent. Gobbled one time on the roost from his usual spot but made a mistake this morning.
Took the day off. Back on the boss on Monday.
I'm out with my son watching a field where we know they come through. Heard one far off this morning but they have all been quiet after flydown.

A good steady rain came through, I'm glad we're in my Barronett Big Cat blind, and that I brought my zero gravity chair. Nothing like having a recliner in your turkey blind to wait out the rain, LOL!

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Heard lots of gobbling and worked some birds before the rain starting coming down hard. In the recliner and dry now.
6:15 this morning. Tag 2 filled with a good one.
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