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TurkeyMike said:
These birds have me scratching my head. LOL yesterday had 3 going nuts on the roost and after fly down. Had to leave for work but knew how I needed to set up for today. Got in there before light and didn't call or anything. NOTHING. Heard one about 250 yards behind me. It was light so I decided to do a few tree calls after the crows went off. NOTHING. A hen fires up behind me and was cutting and yelping and not a bird to be heard. I got out of there and did spot checks on a few areas. Nobody home.

This is just one TOUGH year. I started off slamming and the birds were hot, but nothing even close to hot since the second day of the season. Oh well. At it again tomorrow. I am off because of the wedding and will be out until 8 or so if I can. Then get kids ready and let my wife get ready. No Saturday for me.

Calling for rain tomorrow but I am not going to miss with an extra hour or so to hunt.

WE just gotta keep after them boys. I know ill catch a lonely one sometime. They are acting like its June though. Has me wondering if the early spring didn't have them on hens early and they are shutting down now. Or if they are that henned up still. Just cant tell. Who knows but all I can do is keep going out. I have to get on at least one more dumb one. LOL
Ha, you sound like me. I decided to set up an ambush at the top of a hill on a field edge where I always see a couple unresponsive longbeards strutting. They never respond, always with hens. But they're there most mornings.

Put on my ghillie suit, took my gobbler lounger, and set back in the field edge and waited. I heard a hen give an assembly yelp, then later cut, but never came close. I don't know how many more were with her. The calls stayed in my pocket. Visibility was bad, I couldn't see more than 30 yards.

I'm confident that if I sit on that field edge enough, one will strut in front of me.
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