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Matthews Heli?

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Looking to get a new bow for next season. I would like to get a leftover Heli or possibly the new Hoyt.

Anybody who has the heli, anything good or bad to say? I shot one and really like it. But have been a Hoyt guy for a very long time and am having trouble getting myself to switch. I'm very traditional and stuck in my ways.

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I shot a Helim for awhile this year before moving on. I think it is Mathews best hunting bow to date. Change the draw stop out for the optional one and it is a great holding/shooting bow. Quiet, smooth and vibe free.
Hey Nuge, There are so many great bows on the market today its Ridiculous. You really should get out there and try as many as possible. Elite, Strothers, Mathew, Hoyts just to name a few. Good Luck and post up the new rig when you do decide.
Stick with Hoyt. You will like what they've improved since your last bow.
I agree with the other things that have been said. Go shoot a couple different manufacturers and see which one you like the most. Forget the names, because it really doesn't matter. Too many guys pick their bows based on what their friends and the guys at the bow shop will think. Pick the one that is most comfortable, and that you shoot the best. The HeliM is a nice bow, but its very short ATA and has very narrow limbs, making for a less stable shooting platform. Guys who dont understand the mechanics of bows, wont understand this. The draw cycle is good, but the back wall is spongy as already mentioned. Look into the new Hoyt lineup, Bowtech, Bear, Elite, PSE, and the list goes on, instead of just at Hoyt and Mathews. Shoot some other bows, and you'll be pleasantly surprised.
Have to disagree on a couple of points: the back wall is not spongy and, the narrow limbs effecting stability

Agree that no one can pick a bow for someone else, recommentd yes, pick no.
I shot the new Spyder 30, wasn't impressed at all. The vibration at the shot was bad.
Hoping to try several new models at the trade show.
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Wide=stable. Nothing to dispute there. There's a reason Mathews new line for 2013 has split limbs again. Hoyt...split limbs. Bear...split limbs. PSE...split limbs. Bowtech...split limbs. Other bow companies like G5 are going back to a very wide single limb. They're all wide. Wider limbs=more stable platform. There is no argument there. Would you be more stable standing on a tight rope or a 6" wide wood beam?
Check out the Mathews ZXT. It's a 2013 model and replaced the Z7 Extreme. Side-by-side I couldn't tell them apart. They even use the same cam. The real kicker is this...The new ZXT is in the ballpark of $750 instead of the $900-$1000 price tag associated with the Z7 Extreme. I picked mine up at Nelson's in Greensburg and couldn't be happier with the bow and the service.
I like my Heli, it shoots really great for me. I usually get a new bow each year but this year I'm holding out with the Heli. Shoot one and see what you think first.

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