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Mathews monster 7.0?

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I am looking into a new bow and would like to get something SPEEDY.Iam leaning towards a Mathews monster 7.0, was wondering if anyone here could give any imput on the monster 7.0, from what I have read they have improved the monster alot from the original, was looking for a little HPA imput.....
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Yes, they greatly improved from the 6 model. What are your intentions with the bow? Hunting, 3D, target?

The Monster is very quick and is great for 3D shooting.
i havent seen the new monster but i know the 6.0 was way to heavy ( in comparison to new bows on the market today) to be carrying around the woods.
I'm shooting an M7. I really like it, and I hated the original Monster with the 6" brace height. The M7 is very well balanced, super smooth on the draw, noticeably better IMO than the flagship Z7, very quiet, and plenty fast. I killed a late season doe with mine and hope to add a few more soon
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Thamks for the imput, I am the proud new owner of a M7.0 , after shooting the alphaburner I went with the Mathews. After a couple dozen shots at the shop it was time for the cronograph it was ripping them at 323 fps....WOW
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