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I saw a neat design for a mouse trap on youtube, that will catch multiple mice.
I built a 3 hole Mascall's Mouse trap.
How it works- Peanut Butter in back of holes.
Mouse enters hole. Mouse chews string to get PB. Broken string releases spring upward- Mouse gets caught in loop.

A 2x6 can be use, but I used 2" thick Oak.
How to-
size of wood- around 5 1/2"-6" wide by 8" long.
Drill 1" diameter holes, 3" deep.
Drill 2 holes for wire loop- about 1/2" inside the 1" entrance hole
Drill 2 holes to tie spring down
Use light weight wire for loop. Place this wire in loop holes and fashion a tightly fit loop inside the 1" entry hole
Use a springy steel wire for trap spring. About 15"-16" long
Bend small eye in one end of spring wire. Drill hole in back end of wood for spring wire to fit. Place end of wire in this hole and arc wire to front.
Too keep the spring wire from moving side to side (at back of trap), I used a fence staple to hold in place.
Bent spring wire so eye end of spring is between the two loop holes
Push spring down and tie off loop wire to eye- so that's tied off
Now thread string thru holes- long needle helps here- push spring down and tie off thread- trap is now set
Place Peanut Butter in back of hole to bait trap.
3 hole mouse trap 1.jpg

3 hole mouse trap.jpg

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Trap that we have used for years at our camps - five gallon bucket half filled with water (add antifreeze if needed). Notch 1/4 inch dowel
so it rests across the the bucket at about the 1 and 5 o'clock positions. Now rest a "plank" across the rim of bucket and dowel (a paint stir stick is the perfect size). Secure plank to dowell by poking 2 holes in plank and running a piece of wire (bread tie works great) down through and around dowel. You now have a mouse diving board (or gangplank if you will) that leads from the edge of the bucket to just about the middle of the bucket. Provide access to the plank by making a ramp out of a board. When the mouse gets a certain distance past the dowel, the laws of physics take over, the plank teters on the fulcrum, and the mouse goes for a swim from which there is no return. The "gangplank" returns to its original position, ready for its next victim. In order to entice the mouse out unto the plank, a string with a lump of peanut butter is suspended from the ceiling (or you can use your ingenuity to rig the bait out over the end of the plank in some other manner).

The nice thing about this trap is it will catch a pile of mice without having to be there to tend the trap. Be warned the results can be pretty gruesome, especially if left unchecked for long periods in warm weather (we only ever used it in winter months). You may have to tweak it a little, but hopefully you get the general idea.
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