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Remember in 2013 Maryland banned so-called "assault rifles"?

Well I just purchased 2 firearms in MD...

They banned the AR15, but left interpretation of the law open to the MD State Police. The MD SP opposed the law from the get-go. To that end....

I bought a nice DPMS Recon AR15, heavy barrel, over the counter. So they banned the AR15, but the MD SP do not consider heavy barrel variants to be the same as an "AR15", so they aren't on the list and not even considered a "regulated firearm", OTC sale, no waiting period. Same for any AR10 in .308.

As I was lamenting not being able to buy another AK47 the guy said the rifle IS on the ban-list, but the handgun is not. And he had a nice M92 AK pistol on-hand and I bought that too. That one is considered a handgun and under the new laws that requires a HQL (Handgun Qualifier License).

The HQL requires a 4h training course, but ownership of a handgun prior to 2013 or a hunter safety course fit the bill so I was exempt from the training part.

The law in MD is ridiculous and IMO unConstitutional, but it's good to know that the LE agencies (other than Baltimore PD) hate the law as much as I do. It seems like they're going out of their way to help folks get around it on technicalities.

Example- it's illegal to buy a magazine that can hold greater than 10 rounds. But the State Police will tell you point blank- go to VA, WV, or PA and load up on all the high capacity mags you want. It's perfectly legal to bring them back into the state. Now, if you sell one to a friend, on Maryland soil, that's a whole other story...

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