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Marlin xs7 and xl7

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Has anyone ever shot one yet or own one. Just looking for some feedback. I am thinking about purchasing on in 243 for a coyote gun/back up deer rifle. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
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Can't recall which thread it was on here but there were a few (Moose was one I think) that spoke highly of them. I am geting my 11 yo a youth model for xmas. The price is right and they seem like a decent rifle.
awesome shooters for the money. I have them in 243, 270, 30-06 with another short action coming next month(not sure what cal yet)
had the 270 in XL7 it LOVED federal powershok in 150gr
very crisp trigger and all around good fitment
Don't think about it buy it, they're a nice rifle I got the XL7 in 30-06 and love it.
I have one in 308. I recently put a Boyds thumbhole stock on it. I like the gun except the two position safety which doesn't lock the bolt when on safe. I carried it the opening day of deer season last year and had problems with the bolt partially opening when I carried it with the sling. Here it is (sorry for the bad picture).

Here's a three shot, 100 yard group with 150gr Ballistic Tips and IMR 4064 powder. The gun will shoot like this every time I take it out as long as I do my part.

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I have one in .270 and it is exceptionally accurate.
I have a .308 XS7 as well and it does very well with 150gr flat base SP's running on RL15 or Varget. If I do my part, 1/2 to 3/4" groups are the norm. I just put a very good priced Hawke scope on mine with tall rings and made a raised cheek piece as well. I adore this rifle, it fits me well, behaves well, and shoots nearly everything I feed it very well.

44.5gr Varget, winny brass, CCI primers, hornady 150gr sp's

45gr varget did this one time...i have never duplicated this group, but 45gr groups just like 44.5.

both groups are 3 shot, 100 yards.
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Boy, the "Only custom guns are accurate" guys ain't gonna like that grouping
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Stetam said:
Boy, the "Only custom guns are accurate" guys ain't gonna like that grouping

Custom don't get ya nuthin. Just by a Merlin.

Its magic!
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I know my XL7 will touch bullets with Factory 130's at 50 yards. I generally don't shoot at 100 because they leave the grass get long at my range and in the mornings when I shoot the dew gets my feet too wet if I walk out to a hundred.
moosehunter said:
I know my XL7 will touch bullets with Factory 130's at 50 yards. I generally don't shoot at 100 because they leave the grass get long at my range and in the mornings when I shoot the dew gets my feet too wet if I walk out to a hundred.
And you sure don't wanna ruin your slippers
i'm certain there are alot of folks who are totally convinced you have to have 10k wrapped up in a gun to shoot half an inch. Heck, i hang out one one of "them" boards and have been told repeatedly that my rig and gear are "junk"

both pictured groups not only came from the XS7 but were loaded using the classic lee loader with a rubber mallet and a 15" long piece of 2x4 while watching that last HBO war in the sandbox series Hurtlocker or something. I posted those groups on that hiding sniper website and got accused of all kinds of stuff. the best was "anyone can group a target 10 feet away..."

I loved the reaction on the kids face who's dad was scoffing the marlin at the range the day I shot it. "hey dad, you better look at his target..." "one a' his shots missed the paper completely!" Um hmm...okay buddy...whatever you have to tell yourself to make your wallet hurt less.

I am very happy with my Marlin rifle. Actually, BOTH my Marlin rifles. I can't wait to add 2 more to the collection - I want a lever 30/30 - the classic PA deer rifle, and I want a lever 22 just cus there's something fun about a tube fed 22 rifle that will eat LR's, longs, name it.

last comment to the OP - get the Marlin, you will not be disappointed. Provided you desire a caliber that is offered. and if can swap out the barrel (SAME procedure as that OTHER barrel nut rifle) and you can have any caliber you want as long as it's based off the 30-06 or .308 brass

There's a couple custom guns running loose on the marlin owners board that have raised a few eyebrows too.

If you REALLY want to spend alot on a rifle, get he marlin and put a Schmitt and Bender scope on it LOL...that oughtta put a dent in the budget.

Keep in mind...the primary reason i take some flak at snipershide for the marlin is the sporter weight barrel. I simply can't keep banging away shot after shot without affecting accuracy. I'm good for 5 or 6 shots before they start walking, but let's be honest. It's a hunting rifle. My cold bore clean bore shot lands within an inch of the 5th shot fired in sequence, and that is MORE than anyone could ask out of a hunting rifle.
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Hey Jayd, if you ever run into a Bull Moose375 over on Marlin owners that's me.
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Your rifle shoots good. Those groups appear to be less than 1/2 inch (center to center).

I would be interested however in hearing your definition of a "decent shooting rifle".

My only comment is that I would expect a custom "bench" rifle to shoot at least as good and more consistently (shoot those groups repeatedly on the same day). But a custom "hunting" rifle should shoot like your marlin. Guys go custom for several reasons. Mine would be nice wood stocks and just an appealing fit and finish. I got cheap rifles that shoot good also. Mine is a Weatherby Vanguard.

As far as sniper rifles. I am certain if your life depended on a cold bore long range shot, you would hope to have something other than an off the shelf rifle in your hand.

I would look at Marlin myself if they offer a decent wood stock and there was a better trigger than that safety contraption they got. That alone is enough to turn me off.
Decent shooting rifle - depends on purpose of the gun. I'd expect 1-2" from any hunting rifle. Most old timers i run into at the range are content with their trusty 760 drilling a 3" group...i'd expect more with factory ammo.

Second time out with my rifle, shooting Winchester 150gr power points at 100 yards:

decent wood stock? How about the XL7L and XS7L (laminate stock...still available if you look hard enough)

not my rifle - another marlinowners board member

If you don't mind replacing with a boyd's stock, you can have one shipped for under 100 bones.

as for the trigger? to each his own. I like it. I never said it was a sniper rifle...but i see alot of average joes treating their woods gun like a sniper rifle ripping thru 2 boxes of shells in 20 minutes and wondering why it won't group for crud. Sometimes, you get more than you pay...and for 300 bucks the Marlin is a GOOD buy. Especially if you are looking for an off the shelf HUNTING rifle.

BTW - that "safety contraption" is the same type of trigger used by savage and glock. They have been using this style of trigger for quite some time. If you really like to tinker, you can eliminate this and there are a couple guys on the net making replacement triggers to eliminate the "safety" from the trigger.

I personally think it's necessary with the light trigger pull. Mine is set at a hair over 2lbs right now and with a glove on, it just makes sense to have the extra tactile feedback preventing the gun from going off. Just my $.02
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and just for giggles - one more group that I forgot to post. 44.5gr varget, same on everything else, shot the same day as the 2 hole group.

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sorry...i get a little passionate about some things. I'm pretty proud/happy with this gun. I'll check out...i've made my point i hope.
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