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Maple Syrup Wine

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Anyone ever try to make Maple Syrup Wine?

I got a half gallon of Maple Syrup from my Wife's Cousin over the weekend...

I have a recipe book that calls for half gallon maple syrup, half gallon water, 1 ounce of cloves and wine yeast...

I've read a few sites that says to let it ferment for atleast a year for it will be like Meade and need to mellow out before it can be drank.

I know my Wife's Counsin sells maple syrup to a Winery in NY State and they make Maple Syrup Wine to sell...have never tried maple syrup wine but wanted to try making some..

Anyone ever make it or drink it??
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sounds like you have some experience with honey. This is my second year making meads. Last year's Raspberry melomel is nice, but my blackberry and cyser is still rough on the tastebuds, but sure does pack a punch after a long day. I used Ken Schramm's Meadmaker Cyser recipe last year. Do you have one you'd like to share?
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