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Many, Many Spider Webs.

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I was driving on home this morning a little after 8 a.m. and passed this field, with hundreds of spider webs strung across it. The sun was lighting them up like a Christmas Tree. Went back and took some pictures.

Is this what they mean by World Wide Web?

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Wow, awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing!
Not sure if I am correct but I believe that it's only the females that spin webs, just think how many males there must be in that field, thanks for the neat pics.
The insects don't have a chance in that field! Those are really nice photos, with some terrific artistic flair to boot. Thanks for clarifying the www.
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I dislike spiders,but they are some amazing pics.
I've never seen anything like that...very kool.
Very nice.
That neat. Never seen anything like that before thanks for sharing.
This morning is the first time I ever saw a spider web on the power lines along the road.
Incredible picture... Never seen anything like that.
As much as spiders freak me out, their webs are just amazing. Great pic
very cool pictures...thanks for sharing
awesome.... never did i see that before...thank you kindly
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