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Man I hate Cabelas

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I miss the days of knowing anything you bought with a Cabela‘s name on it was going to be quality. I’m looking to update my rain gear and I can’t find anything on the website that suits me. I’ve had a Cabela’s gift card for probably going on two years now and every time I try to use it they don’t have what I want, they don’t have my size, they no longer carry the brand I wanted, and something I was interested in was $30 cheaper on Amazon. I miss the old Cabela’s.
I’ve had this Skyline Apparition gortex for as long as I can remember. Still waterproof, but as noisy as they come. Made in the USA

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Cabelas used to be the only place I bought outdoor clothing. I bought a Berber fleece jacket from them about 8 years ago for bowhunting. Wonderful piece of clothing. It was warm and very quiet. I outgrew that one, so I ordered a bigger one 2 seasons ago. I sent it right back and gave it a scathing review. What a POS. The quality went way downhill. It was much lighter weight and very noisy.
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A couple of us bought the wind sheer camo turtlenecks about 20 years ago from cabelas they were quality as we all still wear them. My buddy called me the other day and said they don’t make them anymore, and did I know where to get them? I can’t find em anywhere.
YES! I still have 2 of those turtlenecks. They are a ***** to put on because they don't stretch at all, but they are great once you get them on.

Used to love when Cabelas carried Meindl boots. As soon as Bass Pro took over they got rid of that line of boots. They got rid of a lot of the real good hunting clothing also.
I still wear my Cabelas Meindl boots every season. By far, the most comfortable boots I've ever owned. They're warm and lightweight too. A few months back I looked on the Meindl website to see if they had anything comparable. Of course, they didn't.
Try Meindl USA they are Sidney Nebraska Cabelas former employees. The Cabelas Perfek hunter is now the Comfort Hunter. I buy from them and the boots are true Meindl.
I looked there. Their boots max out at 600gram insulation, mine are 800. Their prices are nearly double what I paid for the Cabela's version. I may have to bite the bullet and try theirs. Here's mine.

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