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Make your own field items

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Reposted from a read in the big game forum i posted as this maybe a better location for all to review .. More ideas from curbside items . i never pass a set of metal bed frames rails and now have the shed, these are solid steel angle iron , and again use your .imagination. i make ladder stands from these . awesome builds rock solid. i take a cut off wheel on a chop saw and remove all the feet and odd intems on the frames . to make straight rails then take it from there one set of frames gets you on your way all metal frames then a piece of 3/4 plywood stand base primed and painted . so with that u could make a cart from them as well and you can make it fold too. . bike tires or big wheel mower wheels (solid ones ) fab a axil . couple cross members some more webbing one inch or wider . i never pass those as well many items have the black nylon webbing . just start collecting and save them in a box to have on hand for projects . seat belts in junk cars plenty strap there etc... sports equipment luggage bags , soft carry bags . cut off the strapping to use for your builds . Making stands from bedframes one they are rock solid,two they are heavy. making theft difficult. will last years i mean years ,... made several , ha get this only one failed . Big storm Blasted a tree and it fell on one kinda mangled it but i was still able to salvage the steps from it .. put these in a permanent spot . secure the top then i used earth anchors on each leg . when your done its .there for ever . as the effort to take it just got reduced dramatically .. add a rear view mirror to your stand u b surprised how well these work and easy to make and hang. again all items you can find and or make . bike reflectors yup grab them , before they go in the trash , these make great stand locators hang them high or low your light with shine them up from afar.. trail markers too drill a hole thru them tie a wire or line to them to hang freely orange , white ,red reflectors. plenty of use disguarded shoe laces real handy in the woods pull up ropes tie off items etc... there are no limit of items you can come up with . if manufactures can make it u can to is my go to motto . self satisfaction . creative thinking hands on learning all come into play . One note on SAFTEY is you make your own treestand you better know what you are doing .. SAFETY is the most important thing when it comes to stands THINK thnk think ,,, any stand can be danderous or even deadly so test your design before you use it ... these bed frame ladders i make a anti slip paint from sand and latex paint dries rock hard and is gritty. add to the traction on the steps and the stand base never hunt without a harness full harness . and now i use a tree spyder live wire .. . get one i have a extra one too . everyone should be using a live wire you can fiond these for about 40 bucks on line. ebay this is no brainer land here ... treestnd need not be high ten - twelve feet plenty high . location is key some fox pee for cover wait for your shot . taken plenty of deer from ten foot stands plenty but at ten feet u can die so get a wire . at my stands i add a strap to connect to as soon as im up and im now using a climb line with a slide loop prusik knot , nice safe climb .. set your lines ,tie offs , ahead of the season connect on the ground before u take a step . HAVE FUN STAY SAFE OUT THERE ............ TRAPPERDAVE
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Trail hiking staff or shooting stick .... yup u can make your own ... golf clubs make a great staffs . crossing a slippery creek you need one . these are awesome, add a loop on the handle clean up wear the head was .. light weight ,strong, third leg for hunters and trappers ...
Nearly every farm has a pile of "resource" metal somewhere around. The old bed frames are just one. I have used warn out brake discs as bases for target holders. Just use two holes to bolt a piece of angle iron to fasten the uprights to.
I use a 'hook' in pickup truck bed to reach things.
I also use this 'hook' for water trapping by pulling up drowned furbearers. Checking traps, also nice to use when climbing steep road banks by hooking onto a sapling to help pull myself up.
Also use 'hook' when boiling traps, to pull traps from tub.

Purchase a YARD SALE garden hoe for little money. Then cut off spade of hoe. Remains is a solid, heavy steel hook.
This 'hook' I cut handle down somewhat to fit my needs...

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Golf Club walking Sticks I made for wife and myself.
Golf Club Snake Hooks a friend made for me.
I camo painted all.
Snake hook I also take along when hunting Morel mushrooms. I can easily move weeds to look for well hidden Morels.
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Hern, I love the golf clubs!

I left camp one day to go grouse hunting...noone wanted to come...

I came home with an entire set of golf clubs someone threw over the hill...were old..beat up...not much use as a golf club...

I got teased a while at camp...till the guys realized there is endless uses for a golf club lol...
Far better uses for golf clubs than their intended purpose, in my unsolicited opinion.

I have a 32" home made T hook of 5/16" steel rod that stays in the covered bed of my truck.

It was originally made for snatchin' the lids off of buried utility "pull boxes", but it's handy for dragging tool boxes back onto the truck tail gate.

Two years ago Verizon swapped FIOS for their overhead phone line at our sportsmen's club. Talked 'em into using extra buried conduits we had installed for our own fiber optics cables at the club (security cameras, inter-connections between buildings, etc.) that their engineer rejected for FIOS use.

The guys that came out to do the install, decided to use our conduit anyway, but wanted to see what we had.

Walked around my truck with the T hook in my hand and two of them had already gotten their hooks out to pull a lid.

Third guy thought it was funny seeing three of us with hooks, asked if we were having a sword fight?

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