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Dear Friends,

Today, the Maine Wildlife Conservation Council (MWCC) is reconvening to face down another attack by the national anti-hunting lobby. This email explains why it is necessary, and what you can do. You can view today's press release at

With your help, MWCC coordinated the historic campaign last year that defeated the bear hunting referendum on November 4, 2014. You may have already read the news that the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is seeking to place yet another bear hunting issue before voters in 2016. If we know anything about HSUS, it is that they follow through on their threats.

The anti’s believe that Maine’s hunters, anglers and trappers are too fatigued from last year to defend their rights yet again. By focusing on bear hunting with dogs and bear trapping they are banking that sportsmen won’t raise money to defeat HSUS again. How many times must Maine say NO?

Enough is Enough: It’s Time To Go On Offense

The animal rights lobby’s strategy is clear now. Even though the voters and legislature have repeatedly said NO to their agenda, HSUS and its $200 million a year political machine will keep attacking our hunting rights until we are unable to raise the funds to beat them. It’s not fair, and it’s time to put a stop to it once and for all.

HSUS is not going to leave Maine alone no matter what. Allowing them to have bear hunting with dogs and bear trapping only weakens our community and opens the door for them to come back after bait later along with all trapping, all hunting with dogs, and more.

MWCC is working with legislative leaders, legal experts and hunting organizations to change the Maine Constitution to protect hunting into the future. So instead of fighting a defensive battle alone, we will defeat the bear hunting issue AND pass a constitutional amendment to stop this nonsense.

Maine Sportsmen and Women Must Pull Together Again

It won’t be easy, but unless we want to fight an attack on hunting every year from now on, it is essential that we get to work. To start things off, MWCC will raise $100,000 in the next 60 days. As a contributor to the campaign last year, we cannot win without your help. We’ve sent this email to you to ask that you go to and help us raise the first $100,000. Will you help us and donate today?

In addition to creating the perfect constitutional protection for hunting, we need to conduct voter research to help craft the messages we will take to the voters. Please, help us get started and on the road to victory once again. Make your contribution today.

And join the conversation on our Facebook page at!

Thank you,

James Cote, Campaign Manager
Maine Wildlife Conservation Council
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