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HSUS supporter gets seat on Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Committee

Representative Denise Harlow (D, Portland) has been appointed to the Legislature’s fish and wildlife committee. She is the person who sponsored “An Act To Prohibit Hunting Bear Using Dogs and Trapping Bear” in the session immediately after the referendum and was not happy when it was unanimously defeated in committee. Legislative Committee assignments are made by legislative leadership, and legislators can request committees they would like to serve on. At the end of the day it is a political call. We can assume that Rep Harlow has enough seniority to get the assignments she asks for. -

What does it mean? An unanimous defeat in committee, of any trapping, hounding or hunting bill like that last one against bear hunting is now impossible. Any vote, even if it is 12-1 will have a full discussion on (at least) the floor of the House of Representatives.

We will need to work harder this session for sure. We will have an indication of HSUS’s strategy when the list of bills comes out later this month. Until then, the best thing to do is continue to work together to build a strong coalition and raise enough funds to be able to mount a campaign as soon as it is needed.
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