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So my buddy and I coordinate a vacation week to hunt our old stompin grounds around western PA/ eastern OH.

First item on the list, fill the freezer with the inlines. Long story short...get there late, hike up hill, I go right, he goes left. 30min later spy a deer creeping up the hill to my right (100+ yards). Stops behind fallen trees, can't see it, 5 minutes go by, bleat a few times, deer snorts/blows...but wait it's running towards me.

Soon enough it's 50yds right in front of me. She stops, pins me, all I can see is her head and neck. Steady rest, head shot, the rest is history...

Just an awesome day in the woods, great weather, good friends, nice deer, couldn't have had a better am!

Turns out she ran towards me, but away from a truck driving up the path. Thanks to the guys in the red truck for the assist!

Headed back out with the inline on wednesday, wish I woulda brought my flintlock along the meantime archery in OH.

Good Luck everyone!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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