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5 years ago my neighbor gave me a Traditions in line rifle he had used. He said when it get wet it rust !!!!!! DUH ? I took it to my shed and cleaned the surface rust form it and cleaned the barrel of some minor pitting ! Next i took it to the range and loaded up 70 gr. of 2-f black powder and a 240 gr. Cheap shot. Shot it at 50 yards 3 or 4 times and it grouped really well. I played with it and got the scope in well.
I took it home and it set in the corner for a couple of years. I had 4 CVA Wolf rifles i used and my family borrows ? My youngest son[of whom is 40] said he would like to try shooting an in line and was looking at buying one. He,my oldest son[he is 51] and i met at the range to shoot the in lines for some fun !
The only thing i changed with the Cheap Shots is to use Harvester Crush Rib sabots instead of the ones that come with the bullets. I helped him,the younger son,load the rifle and he proceeded to shoot from my rest. That was all the instructions i gave him. The rifle shot very well and he had very good groups. He even was almost dead on at 100 yards !
This in line season he took a doe in his home area. He said it was about 80 yards and only took one hop and dropped. Well ole dad is a skeptical person ? So i just said good shooting and thought to myself i'd have to have been their to believe it?
We all met at my older sons for the last 2 days of in line and senior rifle doe hunt .
I was in eye sight of him and seen a doe come thru the woods in front of him. I seen this boy pick out that deer and off hand fire the gun and the deer reared up and fell over ! This was well over 80 maybe 90 yards.
I think,since he is my is skill and maybe a tiny hint of luck,but i seen him do it !
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