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Low Water and Herons Hammering Trout

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They stocked a local trout stream here last week. The stream is low, very low for late winter. Anyway I watched a heron catch a trout last week. It downed a pretty big one. Yesterday I walked along this stream and there were 3 herons at the same spot. I can only imagine how many trout they will eat before the season starts. Last year I was fishing this stream and a heron would walk right up next to you as you caught trout on your fishing rod. The splashing fish on your line would bring this heron right in. I would scare it away but I was shocked how brazen it was. They used to be very shy and elusive.
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Nah, the eagles aren't so bad because there aren't nearly as many of them and they really are shy of people. Heron populations have exploded and yeah, it's starting to get ridiculous. Used to NEVER see them. Last few years I see them all over the place.
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