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I completed some long over do range time. I took one gun and three barrels! T/C (before S&W). 209x50,300 winchester mag,12 ga slug!

Each BBl is topped with Bushnell Trophy 3-9 glass. I was able to get three shot groups with the 300 winmag, touching at 100 yards! Remington 180 green box ammo

12 ga Hornady SST 2 3/4 slugs 1 inch 3 shot group 100 yards!

209x50 buckhorn 100 grains t/c 240 grain sabot,winchester 209 primers. three shots nearly touching at 100 yards!

I love this weapon system!

ps I had triger work completed by local gunsmith. Best 75.00 I have ever spent!
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thanks but this gun will make most shooter look this good!
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