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Well this past weekend was saposta to be my annual coyote hunt/get-together at the cabin, the dates were 25th to the 28th. There were 14 or 15 guys from all over PA (and 1 from NJ) all packed up and ready to head to North East PA (mostly guys I met on this board over the years).
As you all know, the weather wasn't being very nice and I ended up canceling it. I was worried about everyone trying to get there and my family being stuck here at home buried in a foot of snow. I felt really bad that I had to cancel it, I know a couple of the guys were really looking forward to it.
Thursday night my wife tells me that the forcast had changed a little and we were not going to get as much as they first thought. I got on the phone and called a few of the guys that live fairly close to me to see what they thought. 220Woody lives the closest and he was still dying to go. I started getting ready but figured I better wait untill morning to leave just in case.
I called up to The Pickeral Inn to get a real time snow report, The voice on the phone said they had just got 14" on Tuesday and they were calling for another 2' and there was at least 8" on the roads as we speak....yeah! I'll wait untill morning.

Friday morning, met up with woody around 10am and headed north. I didn't think we would make it back so the plan was to get up there and see what we were up against. If it was too bad we had two options, 1)spin around and head back home, or 2) hike the 3 & 1/2 miles back in and stay the night. I brought a pair of snowshoes for me and a pair for Woody just in case we were treking in.
We got up there and even though the only tracks back Pine Flats was a single set of snowmobile track right down the center it looked do-able. While we were putting on the chains someone else pulled in, He had a cabin back in there too but decided to spin around and head for home. We got the chains on and I drove back and forth a bunch of times to pack down the first 100 yards or so and a place for Woody to pull off and park his truck.

To make a long story short, we got back in without a hitch and headed home the next morning.
It was a short trip but it was fun.

Here are some of my Pic's
Driving up Rt 402.

Made it to Pine Flats now the hard part.

Got the chains on.

Here's what the first 2 & 1/2 miles looked like.

Made it to the clubhouse (intersection of Pine Flats & High line)

Made the left and......where the road go?

Made Woody get out to move a little tree hanging in the road. What! I didn't wanna scrach my pretty truck.

Did a little plowing

We made it!

Woody got busy and cleared a path around front to the door.

I used the path.

86 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60, I love my truck!

Had to run out for some water, made the right toward the clubhouse/intersection and there was a younger guy and his girlfriend (wife maybe?) smiling and waving at us. They followed my tracks back and got stuck. I pulled him out and followed him back out to Rt 402. On the way out we stopped and helped some guys on snowmobiles trying to get to their cabin and then continued on. The guy in the Furd got stuck again and after another pull from the Toyota he made it onto the hardball. We spun around and drove back to the pump and got a few gallons of water.


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Thanks for bringing back the snow memories

Thanks for the memories of decades ago. Camping at a buddies cabin with some former classmates in snow and minus 10 degrees.
Fond memory of a muzzleloader hunt and dragging a deer out to the road and car, with only a couple of tire tracks in the snow. And back then we didn't have chains on four tires and 4 Wheel drive.

Remember my business trip to Oswego, N.Y. The snow was piled so high, from previous snow storms, that vehicles had antennas on their bumper with orange pennants on the top.

Just so you saw a vehicle coming to the intersection. before you got there. Before getting to the intersection, the orange pennant was the only thing you saw.

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Re: Thanks for bringing back the snow memories

Great pics tracker. Very nice place you got there. I'm headed up to camp shortly to do the same... Thanks for sharing
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