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For those of you that are worried about getting your "doe tag", there are lots of Disease Management Area 2 Permits available!

2016 DMA2 Antlerless Deer Permit

The Commission will make 14,500 permits available to eligible individuals to allow the harvest of antlerless deer in Disease Management Area 2 (DMA2) during the 2016/2017 hunting license/permit year.

There are currently 8911 DMA2 permits available.


Resident and nonresident individuals 12 years of age or older that have previously acquired a valid general hunting license for the 2016/2017 hunting license year are eligible to submit an application for a DMA2 Antlerless Deer Permit.
Mentored youth and mentored adult hunting program participants are ineligible to submit an application or participate in this program.


Your application MUST include applicable identification information, including the applicant’s CID number, first and last name, address and phone or email address. Applicants will be charged a permit fee of $6.90. Online orders may be paid by major credit card. To Print a Mail-in DMA2 Permit Application Form Click Here.
Applications will be processed in the order they are received until the allocation is fully exhausted. The following schedule will apply:
1st Round: 7/11-7/31. Only 1 application per eligible applicant will be accepted.
2nd Round: 8/1-8/14. Only 1 application per eligible applicant will be accepted. However, 2 applications will be accepted if the applicant did not previously submit an application in the 1st Round.
3rd Round: 8/15 until allocation exhausted. Unlimited applications will be accepted until the allocation is fully exhausted.

Permit Usage:

DMA2 Antlerless Deer Permits are only valid for use in DMA 2. More information concerning the area designated as “DMA 2” can be found here.
DMA2 Antlerless Deer Permits may be used to harvest antlerless deer only during any open season for white-tailed deer, including antlered deer season.
DMA2 Antlerless Deer Permits must be signed, produced and possessed by the Permittee with all other licensing documentation while exercising the permit’s privileges.
DMA2 Antlerless Deer Permits and their harvest tags are nontransferable and may not be possessed by anyone other than the Permittee whose name is represented on the permit or tag.
Immediately after harvest, before moving the carcass, the Permittee shall complete the DMA2 Antlerless Deer Harvest Ear Tag associated with the permit and then attach the ear tag only to the ear of the carcass.
Removal of High-Risk Parts of the carcass from DMA 2 is prohibited. More information concerning High-Risk Parts can be found here.


Positive or negative reporting, whichever is applicable, is required for all DMA2 Antlerless Deer Permit holders.
Permittees shall report a successful harvest within ten (10) days of a successful kill, otherwise permittees shall report negatively no later than February 7, 2017.
Pemittees may report electronically through PGC’s Outdoor Shop or by the report card that is attached to the DMA2 Antlerless Deer Permit.
Failure to report as required is a violation and may result in criminal prosecution and render the Permittee ineligible to make application for this program the following year.

By completing and submitting this application, you are confirming that you meet the above eligibility requirements.

It is unlawful to make any false or misleading statement on this application or any required report.

You must abide by all other laws and regulations while practicing the privileges of this permit.

A copy of the applicable Executive Order will be printed with your receipt. Please review this Order.

If you have any questions regarding your DMA2 Antlerless Deer Permit, contact the Pennsylvania Game Commission Bureau of Wildlife Management at 717-787-4250.
Your receipt is NOT your permit. A DMA2 Antlerless Deer Permit will be mailed to you.
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