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Hey guys, I'm a member of the lostmystuff group email list. This just came across the list serv, so if any of the members here in that area can help, it would be great!

Lost Item Report # 763 -- Erie, Pennsylvania

Date Reported: 3/25/13

Item Lost: Keys
Date Lost: 3/20/13

Terrain of Area: Snow
Depth: N/A

Area Size: 60ft x 60ft

Area Access: Private

City where lost: Erie
State/Province where lost: Pennsylvania
Country where lost: USA
ZIP/Postal Code: 16510

Person who lost item: Jen Neely
Email Address: [email protected]
Telephone: 814-882-3292

Preferred Contact Method: Telephone

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I once lost the keys to my store while the parking lot was being snowplowed. I went home and got my detector. Within five minutes of ground balancing the machine I had located the keys, dug them, and was inside the store. Anybody that's every had to deal with a locksmith in a commercial environment knows that detector paid for itself that morning when I didnt have to have new locks installed on five doors.
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