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Looking to get into the traditional world

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I'm not aware of any local shops that cater to these type of bows. I was hoping someone out there might know of a shop of two that could help me out. I know there are thousands of used bows out there for sale online but, I want to get my hands on a few first to see what grips I prefer. So, if any of you know of any shops in/near McKean County it would be greatly appreciated.
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Dont know of any shops up your way.... I'm sure somewhere up there. There are shoots in the NW meadville, pine Hill at Kennerdale presque isle all have folks selling bows that you can shoot before you buy. Pine Hill is the place to be from what I've been told. Google PinecHill Sportsman to see dates for shoots.

Start looking at Yard sales, fleamarkets etc. pick up a bow and see if its comfortable. I'd start out between #40 low end and #55 max draw weight. Dont be afraid to shoot a #40 bow, its easier to learn light. Dont be afraid to ask questions either:) Good Luck youre going to have a ball!
Find Marc Lauver. He is either in Smethport or Port Allegheny. Marc owns Pennsylvania Archery Works. They build really nice trad. bows. His gang can get you started.
Bob do you know how to get ahold of Mr. Lauver? I can't seem to find any contact info for him.
If you get into the Warren area, I have a few bows you can look at/shoot. My son has a Browning 36# and a Bear Grizzly 40#. I have a Grizzly 45# and Silvertips that are too heavy for a beginner but you get a feel for the riser. A friend has a Martin 55# that I may be able to borrow.
Thanks for the offer Punkinhead. I'm going to see Mr. Lauver later this week to hopefully learn a few things. Looking forward to this new adventure.
Looking for some opinions. I am currently trying to decide between 2 different bows. 1st bow is a Bear Black Bear 45# (KL 38692) that comes with 8 fully set up wooden arrows, a quiver and 2 strings for $135. The second bow is a Red Wing Hunter 46# (RA 10732) for $100. Which is the better buy? Both bows are in good shape according to the current owners
Shawn.....Red Wing Hunter is head and shoulders better than the Black Bear.
About 17 years ago I borrowed a Black Bear from BobH when I first started shooting and it thought it was great but never shot it very well. I later bought a Damon Howatt Hi-Speed from him and I realized the Black Bear was just mediocre. I think I would go for the RW myself.

I was hoping to get back to trad this year but after a second bicep surgery looks like wheels again this season.
One more question for u guys. Looking for some help with arrows. I picked up a Bear Grizzly from a guy I work with. It's 50#@28" and I'm probably only pulling about 26". Should I go with a 500 spine because of my shorter draw length or go with the 400's? Thanks for all the help so far.
I have a #50 Grizzly and I shoot 500's with a 125 gr tip. My arrows are 29 1/2". They fly great. Yours being shorter should be even better. Tune them with different weight tips.
Agreed... im shooting a similar set up, Martin 50# 29 1/4" 2016s(500). 26" draw should leave you with 27" + arrows, I wouldn't go stiffer than 500 spine unless you wanna load some weight up front
What is the total weight of your arrows? I'm thinking I want to be somewhere in the 450-500 gr range. Just don't know if I load the front up enough to get that heavy if that will weaken the spine too much.
That is a nice weight range, many go heavier but I am shooting just about 490gr arrows (2016 aluminum with 125gr tip no weighted insert). Yes adding weight to the front will weaken the spine. That being said will you be shooting alum or carbon? The same spine in an an alum. Arrow could mean a much lighter arrow weight in a carbon with the same spine...
2016 alum. 500 spine=10.6 gpi, a 500 spine carbon arrow is typically in the 7.0-8.6 gpi range. Seems like different manufacturers have different arrow weights relative to spine esp with the various traditional style carbon arrows that are being developed.
Sorry, I guess I should have stated I'm planning on shooting carbon..
My self built take-down longbow is [email protected]" and I shoot 35/55 Goldtip Traditionals with 100 grain brass inserts and 125 grain tips and they fly excellent. The 35/55 are roughly 480-500 spine. Cut 28.5" carbon to carbon they weigh 508 grains.
IMO squirrel has a nice set up, if your willing to spend the money buy the gold tip 500 trads, could even buy shaft only and fletch them up with some nice 5" feathers and a helical... Or buy em fletched I believe they come with 4" feathers. If not buy some cheap 500 and 400 spine carbon shafts with a bunch of field points 125,150,175. Maybe some weighted inserts as well. Try and get 5" feathers if u can and make sure you check the GPI before buying. Also double check your draw length before cutting. Draw your bow and have someone mark the arrow 1-2" after the front of the shelf. Make some arrows up and get shooting. Gotta love trad!
I'll see if I can find some of the gold tip trad blems and fletch them myself and maybe a field tip test kit and see what happens. Do you recommend tuning with bare shafts or fletched?
That's a good plan, bare shaft tuning is the correct and best way to get max efficiency, but if you can get your arrows flying straight without bare shaft that's fine too.
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