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Back in the begining of the year, I was suppose to be going to Texas. That trip was cancelled due to a "so called" friend blowing smoke (cleaned it up). Trying to be the nice guy, I bought everyone's airline ticket (over $600 each) for myself and 3 other people through priceline. The thought was, everyone would just pay me their share when we got there. Trip fell through, so now my problem.

Since I put each persons name on the tickets, priceline will not give me my $$$$ back, and I can only buy tickets for myself and the other 3 people. One of those people is now the x-friend who was arrested for bigamy (yes, that is not a typo), so he is out.

The three people are myself, my Dad, and a family friend. The three of us hunted together in Canada for black bear back in 2008.

Since we already have about $600 in airline tickets, we are looking to go on a hunt this year (Ticketes expire Dec this year)

We already went on a black bear hunt, so we are looking to something new. Hope to keep it under $1200, would have to be rifle, shotgun, or muzzleloader, these guys are NOT archery hunters.

1 more twist to my request. My wife is expecting our third, due the first week of November (think she did that on purpose). So the trip would have to be Sept, or early - mid Oct (possibly mid Dec.)

Cliff notes:

Cost: No more than $1200
Weapon: Not archery
Game: Not bear (only b/c we already did that)
Dates: Now to mid Oct. - Possilby mid Dec. (this year)

I know this info kind of restricts things, but was thinking maybe a buck hunt in Kentucky, antelope possibly, or some other state.

Any Ideas?

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Check out Lily Pond Creek.... Their 3 day muzzle loader hunt might be right up your alley... $1200.00 for the hunt and license fee's are reasonable.. I have a friend that's been there several time's and rave's about it... 2 year's ago he shot a gorgeous buck...On their site click on trophy room and look at 2008 photo's.. His pic is bottom right corner or the 12th pic..
Wish I could help you in Illinois... Our hunt's are priced below average but not that low... Rich

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If it were me, I'd look into either:

1. Antelope in Wyoming. Group of us does this every year, pay a small trespass fee for exclusive rights to hunt a ranch for a few days. I know you have to apply for tags, but I'm fairly certain some of the more populated regions don't sell out, & you can buy tags over the counter, I'm not 100% of all the rules, but check the rules on the Wyoming game commission website. I have a listing of ranchers in the Gillette area who will let you on their ranches for a small fee. Rifle season is the beginning of October.

2. Hog hunting in Florida or Georgia. I have a list of quite a few outfitters who will either let you hunt from a stand, at night, or with dogs, all reasonably priced. Many guys with dogs will take you out for almost nothing, they get a kick out of watching us Yankees try to keep up.

Send me a PM if you want more information

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m.a.d.2 said:
Try looking is a great guy and might be able to help you get what you want. He did me on a turkey hunt.Good luck, hope you find what your looking for.
I have to agree.Larry will have many sources available that can work with the various issues you have in place. He can also probably have suggestions that you may not have considered.

Best thing is, his services are free.
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