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Hi everybody, I haven't been able to go with anybody out hunting due to my work schedule, I'm a second shift guy 330-Midnight.. I am tryin to find a couople people or a group that i could join up with.. I have verything needed for hunts. 4.5 dozen ghg hunter series full bodies, dozzen final approach full bodies, And all brand new january mallards and prograde GHG's! i also scout 2-4 times a week, and have at least 20 or so farms that produce geese.. I just don't have anyone to go with or take, its alot more enjoyable when you can share time in the field with some buddies ! I live in dauphin county and hunt majorily through Central Pa... and I also go up to New York every year for 4-5 days an the hunting up there is crazy! tryin to find some interested people to hunt up there! and For the rest of this season around here..If anyone is interested or jus wana get to know me first before they consider anything, you can PM me at anytime! I'm a good kid! And i respect all the courtesies of waterfowling ! Espicailly never goin back to someones field they were nice enough to take me to, and when its my field i alwasy expect the same ! thanks for your time guys ! Im also a Pretty good duck/goose caller .. You can see my name a few times on calling
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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