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Hi All:
I’m looking for a hunting club, lease or camp with their own land in the Eastern part of the state that is looking for new members. The more east the better but I’m open to all suggestions. My hunting club folded due to a decline in membership. I’ve been hunting for 28 years and am a very experience and safe hunter. I mainly bowhunt but do rifle hunt as well. Thanks in advance for your help!


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Hey check out our postings on HPA, Archery Talk and CraigsList as well as our FaceBook site (log on to FaceBook and serach for Capitol Area Bowhunters). Overall here's the basics about our group.

>We're a no-cost, archery only, leasing group that is focused on leasing land in the Harrisburg/Lancaster/York area to archery hunt on for the whole season (yes, even during gun season).

>We provide hunter's insurance from the QDMA, which is the best coverage you can get. This protects the hunters, the group, and the landowwners.

>We limit the number of hunters on a piece of property to be no more than a 1:10 ratio (hunters/ac) and if the hunters want to pay more we can lower that to a 1:20 or even 1:30 ratio.

>Only the hunters who sign up on a certain piece of land will be allowed to hunt that prroperty.

>We only lease land that has good sign of deer on it and I personally walk each piece of land before I make an offer to the owner. We also have no issue with members looking at the property as well to see if they want to be on it too before they decide to pay.

>We hold pre-season meeetings of the hunters signed on a certain paice of property in advacne to discuss how that piece of land will be managed by that group (ie Placing/sharing stands, courtsey rules, any agreed to harvest restrictions, ways to communicate, etc...).

And the ONLY cost to be in the group is if you decide to get on a piece of property that we lock in. There is no cost to join.

Currently we have 48ac in Harrisburg that is booked out, another 319ac that I should be locking in by the end of next week, and an additinal 120ac up near Mt. Gretna that I'm waiting to hear well as other irons in the fire too.

Once we get any updates we eMail the entire group as well as update the FB page.
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