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i seen a while back someone posted a picture of a duck or pheasant that was skinned out and put up on the wall sort of like a rug. i thought it looked realy cool and wanted to see it again but couldnt find it, i tried searching for it with the search option. i was wondering if anyone knows where it is on here

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I have a turkey caped that way drying now , never thought of a duck or a pheasant
should be done about the same way , heres how I did the turkey

Making a Turkey Cape

Although there are several ways to display your trophy tom, one of the easiest and least-expensive ways is by caping your turkey.

Caping is inexpensive, easy to do, and extremely satisfying. Simply skinning your turkey from head to tail, cleaning and boraxing the skin and pinning it to a flat piece of cardboard is all that's involved.

Follow the simple instructions below for a good looking and simple way to capture the memory of a special hunt:

To begin, hang your tom by the head.

With a sharp knife, cut the skin where the feathers on the neck meet the skin of the head.

Continuing down the center of the back and toward the tail, remove the skin in an approximate two-inch wide strip. You will notice that the feathers attach to the skin in rows and the narrow strip of skin actually holds a much wider angular blanket of feathers.

Remove the skin to and including the tail skin.

With knife and spoon, remove the fat and flesh.

Cover wet skin in Borax.

Lay Borax covered skin on large piece of flat corrugated cardboard.

With straight pins, pin the head end to cardboard.

Fan tail, spread to the desired width and pin each feather in place.

With a pocket knife, lay each feather in place.

Let dry three to four weeks.

Remove pins, shake loose Borax and hang.

You may wish to mount the cape on a piece of wood cut to fit the cape.
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