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Looking for a taxidermist...

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Looking for a taxidermist to do a golden rainbow trout for me. Cost is not a factor right now, I am looking for the best work out there. I have been using a guy for years but he no longer does fish. And is slowly getting out of doing all taxidermy period due to arthritis and such in his hands.

The guy who does my deer mounts isn't the greatest with fish. Let alone one of these.

Even if you are not a taxidermist, possibly you know someone who is and is very good at doing golden rainbows (palominos).

I am located in Northumberland County and will travel anywhere needed. Travelling is not a problem. Will have to wait until the weekend of course.

If you have any input on a taxidermist that is very good with this species, or might be one yourself, please either PM me or contact me via this thread.

I know alot of guys who specialize in trout, some are very good with brooks, some are very good with browns... etc. I need someone who knows that they are doing with a golden.

I have streamside pics, pics of both sides, belly, head, all fins, etc. Just need a guy to do the job.

Thank you.

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If time is not a factor:

One of the best fish taxidermists you will find anywhere.
I considered Gary... he is top on my list right now.

Thanks for the input guys. he is very passionate about trout because thats all he fishes for.'s a golden I had done by Riding's taxidermy in Strasburg here in Lancaster County. I know Gary's fish are incredible (without a doubt) but I think this one turned out really good for a golden too. I don't think you could go wrong either way.

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tristate taxidermy..
Paul C is a member on here.
He does beautiful work..
He did my 30" Golden and did an excellent job.....
Thanks guys... I plan to talk with all of the guys mentioned here in the next few days.

treetipper, can you possibly send a picture, when you get the chance of course, of the fish Paul did for you? It would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all and keep the input coming if anyone comes across anyone else they may know.
Paul C (Tri state) ,Gary Bruch , Frank Kotula anyone of them you will not go wrong
Adam from AR taxidermy 610-336-0916. Has done about a dozen mounts for me, great work, great guy!
Tony, give Steve Murrens in Hughesville a call 570-584-4644. He did a full strut Turkey for me and did a good job.
Tony, remembered another one that does good work. Rock Run Tax. above Picture Rocks 570-482-4364. Nancy Craft retired school teacher.
Being a fish taxidermist for over 20 years, here are my nominations.
Gary Bruch
Paul C
Frank Kotula
Kenny C - Great Cove Studios
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thanks for recomending me fellas.

Here are a few different colorations of the goldens. Both were done 2 or 3 years ago.

Great catch Tony---I am sure whomever you choose to have do the fish it will be a fantastic trophy to add to your collection
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Gary, sent you a PM.
Thanks everyone for the great advice.

I had Gary in my sites since the winter. We discussed him doing a brookie for me. His golden in his gallery 2 on his website has me sold. Thats as real as they get.

I appreciate everyones advice, I was considering looking around but I think Gary is the man for this job.

Thanks again to everyone who gave advice and input on some great taxidermists. One thing about Gary is he is rather close for me so it's killing 2 birds with 1 stone.
Nuge you can't go wrong with Gary. He's not a WORLD CHAMPION for nothing. Good choice.
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