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looking for a successful coyote hunt

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Well I just joined this forum but have been coming on it for years checking it out. So my question is where do all the lackawanna county guys hunt? I live in Taylor and have been trying the local wooded forsest but turned up no luck on a coyote hot spot. Got a few real nice coons already this season and heard and seen tracks for what appears to be a few coyotes but can't see any.

So not looking to take over anyone's honey hole but looking for advice on where they might be hiding at
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You and me both my friend... I've been at this a while and the best I've got was a porcupine. It'd be nice to see if there's anyone up this way that has some luck. I know they're here... Just can't get them.. No body i know hunts them. Only ones i hear getting taken are during turkey and deer season.
I used to hunt quite a few areas in Lackawanna county with some success. The problem I've seen over the last few years is that they have become well educated from too many inexperienced hunters.
Ya the places I have gone seem to busy with several other distractions. Trucks and 4x4s in the woods along with quads seem to really kill a night of hunting. I'm going to check out some logging roads this weekend. I'll report back with how it went.
Calling/Killing coyote here in the northeast is no easy task. Too many guys out there squealing like cottontails educating them. Once they bust you they remember. Way easier to kill fox.
I've killed six coyote by calling in countless hours afield. I managed one young 27lb female about three weeks ago.

We kill way more in front of hounds. I think we shot around a dozen last season.
My dad killed this 40lb male last week.

There are quite a few coyote around. No matter where I go I see tracks. I killed my first back in 1991 in front of my dad's hounds while fox hunting. That one was the first I ever saw. Now they are everywhere.
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How do you guys keep up to the dogs? Do you haveto run a mile or so before they catch it? sounds like alot of fun
You set up the guys around the area/swamp where you are going to turn the dogs loose before you turn them loose - keep quiet, keep your eyes open, and hope the coyote runs by you when they start circling. If the dogs take it out of that block then you move and set up again.
Well I went out tonight. Sunday into Monday from 11pm-4am just a quick hunt during some free time. Went back to my usual spot and I have never seen these woods so silent and calm. Managed to get within about 15 feet of a yound deer and 25 feet with two other separate deer but had no luck with coyote. I'm sure that they are all to aware of what a human is. Just wanted to update the post. Still looking for any hot spots near Scranton.
Hey beagler what kind of light is that on your shotgun?
looks like either the xlr250
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