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Looking for a new Xbow "HELP ME CHOOSE"

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I'm looking to get into the xbow thing but I'm having a hard time making up my mind. I shot the Parker tornado and really like it. What are your guys recomendations, should I go with a certain brand, certain speed, or compound verses recurve? any input will help me choose my first xbow.
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go with a excalibur!! any one... simple, easy to change string in field, very,very accurate. less things that can go wrong. also can uncock with one hand . i have never meet a person that shot one and didnt buy one! if you get one buy a 5 dot target, or youll be splitting bolts every time. arrowhead
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Shoot them all and pick the one that feels best to you.
I'm going to shoot a few, I just wanted to be pointed in the right direction with a little knowlage before I do.
Excalibur and Parker make some really fine bows.

The Parker Tornado is probably our best seller. It is a small package that packs a punch. Most of the ones we chronographed are right at 340 f.p.s. and they come with Hawke optics. Great bow if you are in a treestand.

The Excalibur is also top of the line. It is dead solid reliable, shoots great and has a decent trigger. All the maintenance is done by the owner, as you can unstring it yourself. Great bow in a ground blind.

Both the Excal and Parker are capable of 2 inch groups out to any reasonable hunting range.
Have you looked at the Ten Points? They are worthy of a look if you want the absolute best bow money can buy. Both the Shadow CLS and the Phantom CLS are amazing.....but it comes at a price.
Hands down excalibur. Check there website, the owner and wife are hunters. All big name brands are copying the technology (no pulleys limb system). Vortex 200 lb. pull.
My toy is the phoenix 175 lb. pull. My brother inlaw just purchased the vortex. The accuracy is unbelievable.
I have both the Parker Cyclone and the Excalibur Vortex. Both are mighty fine crossbows and makes. In my smaller portables I find myself carrying the Cyclone more because of its narrow width. Where I have more room, much prefer the Excalibur.

The Excalibur is a breeze to take care off and as rugged as they come. It is much louder than my Parker and slower. You can uncock it manually which is a big plus.

Lots to think about but I guess I would decide on compound versus recurve based on the style of hunting you do. Compound = narrow, quieter, faster (in general)
Recurve = bulletproof, easy maintenance, better balance (in general)

Have fun and keep us updated.
Thanks DPMS, I hunt from a treestand alot so I was looking for something that is great in tight spots. looks like its atleast going to be a compound.
Hard to beat the Tornado in that situation. Depending on what you want to spend, Ten-Point, Bow-Tech, Scorpyd all make very narrow bows.

The Horton Vision with its reverse limb technology is an awesome design but it has had it share of problems and is slower than many comparable bows.
i'd go with the parker if your in a treestand. i have the buckbuster 175 i got from arrowhead and love it. i think its the same width as the tornado but alittle longer.
There was a Ten point for sale in the HPA for sales forum.
Another vote for Excalibur,simple and accurate...
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Re: Looking for a new Xbow "HELP ME CHOOSE"

Thanks DPMS, I hunt from a treestand alot so I was looking for something that is great in tight spots. looks like its atleast going to be a compound.
For you a Tornado (or another Parker) is the answer, that is why I got ours becasue we are stand hunters. Held Excalibers and the width of it was just too much for a stand IMO although I liked the balance better. Last couple years I had a regular recurve up in the trees and the Excal had the same feel cause of its horizontal length since you need to cant a regular recurve horisontally a bit when you shoot it. You would really have to do some pruning.

No matter which one you get , I think carrying them around is pretty AWKWARD overall in stand or on the ground. I hate carrying ours in and out of the woods, slinging it does not even work, I have not tried still hunting with it yet, but may this weekend if the wind is too bad for tree climbing, not sure how I will carry it then, gotta figure it out.

Only time I can say I am comfortable with the Tornado and not cursing even that slimmer awkwardness is in a double ladder stand, alone. Thought I'd eventually get use to it, but I am not.

Just my opinion. Love the accuracy and how it zipped thru the doe I got, but it is like carrying a car spring. My .270 will feel like a feather at least come rifle season.
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With all the problems "changes" with Horton (though I have one and have ample success with it) I would stay away from the Horton brand right now. Tenpoint, Paker, Excalibur all good bows. Just get what feels right for you. If you are lucky enough to find a pro shop that would allow you to test a couple I would suggest that. Just remember though it may look like a gun, feel like a gun, it is not a gun.
If you are going with the compound, then the Parker Tornado is going to be tough to beat. It offers the most "bang for your buck" so to speak. Lifetime warrany, Made in the U.S.A. and the company stands behind them 100%. There are many company's selling crossbows, some of them offer poor warranty's and even less on customer service. Check the warranty.
What about the Barnett Predator? I saw one listed in the forsale forum. Is that a good one to look at? I see it has alot of good reviews on cabelas website
There have been a few mentions of Ten Point as the highest quality. I just have to mention that 4 years later I am completely satisfied with mine. Ten Point makes bows in all price ranges. (Mine is not one of their high end bows.) Try one in your price range out for size.
You could always buy a PSE Copperhead.Then you could be Copperhead with a Copperhead.Sorry just a joke man.I have an Excal exocet 200 and love it.They all work but only one or two will fit your needs.
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