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So, I've been relocated for work again. This time, I'm in the North Hills region of Pittsburgh. So, I'm looking for a good sportsmen's club (yet again -- by the time I'm done, I might have had memberships in places up and down western PA!). I looked in the "sportsmen's clubs" part of the forum, but didn't see a forum that seemed right for this question.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a club that I should look at? A Google search turned up Logan's Ferry, Millvale, and North Side Sportsmen's.

More or less, I'm looking for a place to practice archery (and probably, one that allows crossbows, since my tendonitis means that I won't likely be taking out my compound this year), sight in my rifle and practice with my muzzleloader, and probably, a few times a month, go to a pistol range (for some recreational/practice shooting -- preferably, all year round).

Anybody have any recommendations among these three, or know another one in the area I should be looking at?

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