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Look out for that .........!

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Wow,maybe whipped one to many times!
Isn't there a Federal Government agency to look into this tragic accident. I can think of three: NTSB (that horse needs a repremand); OBAMACARE (that human rider needs instruction in proper horse management and medical cost issues); Department of the Interior (that tree needs to be counseled and probably sedated after this encounter).
Good point!! I'll bet Bloomburg will propose a horse ban for NYC after he hears of this!!!
When you think about it, is there really a need for anyone to own a horse that goes that fast? Wouldn't a Ox or a Camel be a safer alternative....less chance to spill your Big Gulp on a Oxen...........
She ran into that same tree about 5 times , I finally had to quit looking.....
..... shoulda kept watching it......she ran into it 58 times...then they cut the tree down
I watched it a bunch of times to see if she'd finally miss the darn thing!!

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I checked back , she never has figured it out yet...
I checked back...she still hasn't learned....
1 - 12 of 12 Posts