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Another week has gone by and the beans keep on growing. I had a groundhog problem but i took care of that one yesterday. He did a bit of damage but most of what he browsed is repairable by the plant itself.

This plant looks healthy and well on its way. This is the v3 stage of growth i think. You can see the sorghum as well. The mix is only supposed to be 10% sorghum but this looks like more than that.

This is the clover one week after mowing. It bounced back quick and I actually had a young doe come out, skirt the edge past the beans and munched on the clover for about 15 minutes one evening. I think it is getting browsed at night and early AM but not much. I need to get a trail cam back up there and see what is going on.

Green to green edge of clover to beans. Come late august/early sept after the beans are depleted this will be planted no till with my Brassica blend once again. The sorghum should still be standing tall and once the seed heads get palatable the deer will have a window to eat them before i hack them down. All part of a master plan

Back corner of where the clover meets the beans meets the berry bushes and clover. Its a salad bar.

A bean plant nipped by the groundhog. He wont be back.

OK, question. Is this a new chicory plant or a weed. I did broadcast a small amount of chicory additive that I had in stock but i never grew it before.

These are the natural rasberry bushes already pushing fruit out. I gave them a dose of P and K back in April.

Food and cover.

Overall view of the area.

Durana seeded into an existing grass in late march. This is the neighbors property. Should be great growth in the fall.

Thanks for looking and I appreciate an answer about the chicory plant or any other comment/suggestions. Ill slow down my updates and get some gym shorts that fit so you dont have to look at my beans all summer.

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Looks very nice!

Only suggestion I'd have would be to put a small exclusion cage on those beans. You'll be surprised at the difference inside and out.
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