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Benelli Super Black Eagle II Hands Down!!

Mine has taken deer, ducks, pheasants, chukkars, specs, canadas, fox, rabbits, dove, ground hogs, raccons,and clays.

Truly one shot gun that does it all. I have a Pattern Master Exteneded Range choke plus the ones the come with it, clay, IC, Mod., Full, X Full.

I can break it down to the firing pin and clean the entire gun in 10-15 minutes. Few moving pieces and once you do it once or twice you can do it with your eyes closed, but keep them open while handling a firearm. I shoot everything from Estate 23/4" No. 8 to 31/2" Heavy Shot Steel BB for geese and 31/2" OO Buck for deer. It will be the last semi auto you buy.
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