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Little one with spots

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Been watching this little one and another for the last month. Hopefully they make it.[[/IMG][/img]
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Wow...its gonna be a tough winter for this one
Wow! His momma was likely bred in February-March...I would guess either she was a doe fawn when bred or the buck to doe ratio is really off there.
We saw one the day before rifle season opened that we guessed to be no more then a month to month and a half old. We are guessing she would have had to be bred in April or May. The hardest part for this would be to find the buck that was still fertile. They are only fertile when their horns are on. Sure you see one here and there with a rack still in April or may, but its rare. Sure wouldn't have been a crowd around her lol.
I tend to be a believer in regards to the second rut.....I have seen rutting while hunting in January.
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