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Lime and seeding

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Is there any problems with spreading lime at the same time as overseeding?
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no and a YES IMO
and I say this because of these things
ONE , HOW Much lime are you adding
if your in a area that needs a LOT, and you add lime AFTER seeding, or before
seeds could be covered in heavy lime , or NOT make soil contact

I have needed to add 2-3 ton of lime per acre in sites that were super poor

next will be, the lime will take a LOT longer to do any good sitting on top of the soil
for lime to work each particle of lime must touch a particle of soil

thus why its best to Mix it into the soil and get it down closer to a plants root system

and even THEN< it still takes a LONG time for lime to work , to change any PH levels

BUT adding lime while seeding is way better than NOT adding any lime, if lime is needed

NOT the best or most effective way to add lime, but?? better than NO lime if its needed, or just top dressing to maintain a PH level?
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NO what your doing will be perfectly fine
IF you have ANY worry's at all, lime first, wait till after a rain or two and then seed
its still pretty early to be seeding any how
frosts are still in the cards for a while IMO!
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