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We all do things very differently. I see guys list what they are doing in many different areas. I would love to have a whole bunch of ideas in one thread that I could print out and save to compare without having to search a bunch of threads and rely on my failing memory.
So , if ya have a minute or 2 run down the list and fill in your info and lets see what y'all are doing in comparison to others:

Gun: 50 cal. Lyman GPR, hunter barrel

Pan: 4F

Projectile: 245 aerotip powerbelts

Charge: 5gr 3f bp, 90gr. 2f 777

Sights: Lyman peeps

Flint: TC premium cut agates

Position: bevel down

Touchole liner: punched out very slightly from factory size
amount of powder in pan: half or slightly less

Shot regimine: load, shoot, 1 wet patch, 1 dry patch, 1 lube patch, re-load, shoot. repeat after EVERY shot.

Cleaning: TC 13, Brakekleen(degreaser) lots of patches and q tips.

Rust removal: superfine 0000 steel wool, Birchwood Casey rust removal cloth, Flitz

Touch up bluing: Formula 44/40 instant gun blue (dixons)

Lubing: wonderlube for shooting patches and exterior, TC grease and Gorilla grease for lock parts

Performance: flawless immediate igniton accuracy through 100yds.

3 shot Groups: 25 yds: often touching, 50 yds: 2-3", 100 yds: cover with a hand

Other Misc mods and tricks:
pan polished to mirror finish with dremel (reduces moisture, help eliminate pan mud in damp weather).

All lock moving parts smoothed and burrs removed.

Frizzen spring polished where frizzen pall rides.

Inside of touchole (not the hole itself but the channel leading to the charge)drilled out leaving just enough wall for the threads to be strong and remain secure in the barrel.

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I have 3 flinters a 45, a 54, and a .62(20 ga.) I shoot Goex 3F in all of them and I prime with 3 or 4F the guns don't care.

I cast my own roundballs for each gun,.445,.530, and .600.

I use a spit patch in all the guns.

The load for each gun depends on the range to the target for that particular match.

I usually clean after 15 or 20 shots for the rifles, depending on the humidy that day. The smoothbore I clean at the end of the day.

I try to get English flints but I will use French if the price is right.

I average 50 to 60 shots per flint. I have to knap them after the first 25 or so shots to get that kind of life out of them. Some flints only last 2 or 3 shots and then they will shatter and are junk.

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gun: northwest trade gun, 20 gauge/62 cal,31 inch smoothbore, homemade. weight loaded, 5 pounds. longest kill on deer; 120 yards(when i had 30 year old eyes!) couldn't pull that of today!

4f in the pan

325 grain self cast roundball

load; 70 grain 3f

fine blade front sight, removable rear sight

english flint only, they last forever

bevel up

enlarged touch hole

polished and tuned LOTT lock

very,very small amount of powder in pan
stays in ground out indentation in center of pan

load; powder,overshot card,patch,rb,overshot card

ram in home then ram til the rod bounces three times

don't really do any cleaning between shot, don't do any paper shooting any more

clean barrel with rem oil, til patches are clean. rem oil on the rest of the gun

steel wool on any rust, then oil

vaseline on .008 patches

mods & tricks; the lock. spent a ton of time getting it flawless. the last thing i worry about in any weather is the gun firing, it fires every time, if i do my part. off set trigger to the right side for hunting with gloves on, silent cocking of the lock, it doesn't make a sound. TRICKS; non really. have used the gun for many years, and just knowing the gun real well.

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Gun: .54 Lyman Great Plains Rifle Flintlock

Pan: 4F

Projectile: Hornady .530 roundballs

Charge: 80 gr FFg Goex

Sights: Factory open sights (buckhorn rear)

Flint: Black english

Position: bevel down

Touchole liner: factory touchhole drilled out to 5/64

amount of powder in pan: half or slightly less

Shot regimine: swab barrel with a wet patch then dry patch after 3-5 shots.

Cleaning: bucket of luke warm water then dry patches then lightly oil

Rust removal: 0000 steel wool

Touch up bluing: Birchwood Casey

Lubing: homemade moose juice

Performance: great

3 shot Groups: never measured, but shoots great

Other Misc mods and tricks: frizzen spring polished. touch hole drilled out to 5/64. Keep inside of lock clean.
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