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let us push deer for you

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my brother (17) and me (19) will make drives for you anywhere in eastern PA from Pike/wayne county down to WMU 5C area. we are very experienced hunters and make drives through some of the nastiest briar/rhododendron/laurel patches there is. let us know when and where and well drive out to where your at. if more than just us two is needed i have a few other guys i could bring. we are very successful flintlock hunters and never lost a deer with the flinter.

all we ask in return is that you allow us to carry a waepon while we drive so we caan shoot too. if your in an area that doesnt allow rifles we will use our flintlock.

this offer is for all of the late season. (or rifle season if you need it) (WMUs 3C, 3D, 4C, 5B, 5C, 5D and eastern parts of 3B, 4E)
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Now that is a generous offer!!

If you guys are willing to drag deer out of Potter County, I might have some work for you!!
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hahha potter county is kinda far for us but if you an older guy sure why not, well drag it out
That is a heck of an offer and if I was not such an anti-social, crudmudgenly, dedicated loner I would sure take you guys up on it. I remember when I was the age you are (we had just invented bronze tools at the time) my cousins and I would drive for uncles and my dad and through some stuff I would not even think about now. Your post has rekindled a lot of good memories from the 60's and I am sitting here tinking of calling up them that are still around and just touching base. Good job.
Too darned bad you guys are on wrong end of state! That is a great offer, especially for someone who is older or with physical problems like me.
I wish you both the best of luck! It really is good to see 2 young guys willing to get out and do something. I'm sure someone will take you up on it and I wish that I would have come up with this idea when I was a bit younger!!
It's a shame I'm on the other end of the state!!
haha thanks a lot guys and thanks for not bashing my idea like some guys did i appreciate it...
Oh man I wish you were bird huntin' with me today. the more the better. I live in 4b and do most of my huntin on 4d, but if you want to come up here to 4b I might be able to take you our in the late season
ah i wish i could brewyak but that a little far for me haha college guys dont have much extra money for gas haha thanks for the offer though and goodluck this year
Ill probably have some tags left, the antlerless season here in 5C runs to the end of January. I'm considering taking my fathers Flintlock for a walk somewhere, I've actually never taken a deer with a shotgun or a muzzleloader and since archery season was so bad I'm looking for a way to salvage it by some good hunts. One thing tho I'm a 42 yo guy in great shape so I actually prefer doing alot of walking, maybe helping out an older hunter or something like that. Let me know if you guys make it down here we could set up some hunts on a Saturday in a late season.
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