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Let see your gray fox mounts

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I got a nice gray today in my cable restraint. Would like to see some of the members mounts of their gray foxs. I have a red mounted. Would like to maybe get this gray done. Thanks to all you that post.
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hey wood wise did you catch that in 5C???

Heres one i did for a client a few yrs ago
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Awesome mounts guys
Ahhh A real nice dark one! Great colors on him!
nice mounts
Wood Wise, that is a beautiful fox! Congrats!

Here are some grey fox pics
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I just shot my first fox- a red- new years day...Im taking mine to Dave Dillon for a coffee table mount... he did my buddies(the last picture in his post). I really like his attention to detail.
Here is one from last year
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JJJ are those pork quills in him?
he is very "fluffy", nice one!
Q2XL12 said:
JJJ are those pork quills in him?
Quite the story behind it too. Yes, they're pork quills. This fox actually attacked a buddy of mine. When asked if the fox bit him, he said no, when asked if it scratched him, he said no. My buddy actually beat him off of him with his bow, so my when my Dad went to retrieve the bow, which was in about 100 pieces by the way, my Dad seen the fox and put an arrow through him at 25 yards.

I'm currently trying to get the actual footage of the dead fox off of some old VHS tapes to put them on DVD. When I get it done, I'll post it. There were what seemed like 1000's of quills in this fox. Crazy story, which some won't beleive, but oh well, that's what happened. The gent this happened to is still scared while walking in the woods to this day. He always says, if that's how crazy a fox can get, I can't imagine tussling with a Yote.

I think this fox was just looking for something to put it out of it's misery. Poor fellow couldn't open his mouth to eat, not to mention, the pain it must have been in.
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WOW...JJJ, that whole story just screams "RABIES!" Certainly glad there wasn't other problems as a result of the encounter.
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